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Mega-Hybrids and new creature

Mega-Hybrids. What would they be? Well they would be hybrids made from hybrids made from other hybrids. Long story short, hybrids that use a super-hybrid to be created. I had the idea when looking around my list of dinosaurs. That’s off topic. Alright, here we have Scaphotator, then we take Baryonyx, or Baryonyx Gen 2 if you’d like, and boom! Scaphotatonyx, or if you want to double up, Scaphotatonyx Gen 2! It would also become the first hybrid with a Gen 2 counterpart! (Other than indominus and indoraptor)

Now on to the new creature.

  Health: 4621
  Damage: 679
  Crit chance: 30%
  Armor: 25%
  Speed: 124

  Resilient Strike: 679
  Ferocious Strike: 679

  Resilient Rampage: 1358

  Instant Distraction

Sorry that I don’t have an image. I’ll put one in the comments.

Bonus: New Super-Hybrid!
No attacks but I do have stats

  Health: 5730
  Damage: 710
  Crit Chance: 30%
  Armor: 40%
  Speed: 116

This is Spinonyx and Megatherium.
(Edited) check the edits if you want to see the previous Super-Hybrid idea.

These definitely need more attack.

Nodopatosaurus has 3 superhybrids already. This is just another superhybrid. I would like to call them ultimate hybrids.