Mega Hybrids in JWTG (+ New Super Hybrids)

Mega Hybrids are like what they were in JWA which is a Super Hybrid + a Hybrid but with a twist now they can be made with M-DNA which M-DNA is colored Yellow (FFFF00). Here are all of the Mega Hybrids.
Indominoraptor: Indoraptor + Indominus rex M-DNA
It looks like an in-between of Indoraptor and Indominus rex with a grey color and has a stripe like the Indoraptor but Green. It’s Level 40 design keeps those colors but now there’s quills on it’s tail that almost looks like a tail fan of quill and it’s quills on it’s arms have extended even longer. it also now has Vermillion spikes running down it’s back.
Indominoraptor Gen 2: Indoraptor Gen 2 + Indominus rex Gen 2 M-DNA
Just a recolored variant to Gen 1 but is now a dull blue (404080) with a Vermillion Stripe (FF4000). Level 40 is a Vibrant Blue (8080FF) with Purple spikes (but is still a recolor to Gen 1)
Spinotasuchyudon: Spinotasuchus + Yudon M-DNA
Looks like the Spinotasuchus but now with the feathers and head of Yudon and is an Army Green color. It’s level 40 colors will have a large spine running down it’s back and is now an Electric Lime with Gold accents.
Well time for the new Super Hybrids
Chromaspinovenator: Chromaspinus + Concavenator S-DNA
Looks like the Chromaspinus but with a hump at the base of the tail it’s a Dusty rose overall with brown spots and red light. It’s Level 40 is the colors of the Level 40 Spinosaurus from Jurassic Park Builder but it has a horn on it’s snout and 2 more sails on it’s back.
Xianthostega: Xianthodon + Ichthyostega S-DNA
This is the first ever aquatic Super Hybrid ever. It looks like an Icthyostega but with the Xianthodon’s head and tail it’s color is a charcoal grey. It’s level 40 is still Charcoal grey but now with Cyan stripes at the tail and has a large shark fin on it’s back and horns running along it’s snout.

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We need to sort out the imbalances of both ferocity and classes before we start thinking of extending the endgame. We have’t even gotten a Amphib Tourney Hybrid yet, so this is something that should only be talked about wayyy down the line after the roster imbalances are fixed.

As for the concept, I’m against. I want every dino to have a hybrid and certain hybrids to have S-Hybrids before the endgame is changed by these mega hybrids.


In what world is this a fair matchup


In our worlds @Lora_Green :wink:.

I didn’t take a screen shot today because I have become numb to it but I had a flyer with over 8k attack and around 11k health in one of my F4F battles today. All I can do is laugh now days at the matchups.


I agree we need Amphib, the game needs them.

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@Sionsith I agree with you I laugh every time fff shows up it’s beatable but not worth it I guess this is what happens when you try to take all your dinosaurs to level 40 lol

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While great ideas you have given us suggestions to creatures that we do not need any stronger atm, carnivores and surfaces.

If you make a stronger amphibian or reef then I would have been interested, but we don’t need stronger carnivores or surfaces when we have the likes of indoraptors and dunkleosaurs… which are leagues ahead of most top creatures.

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We can barely support a max indoraptor never mind it having a mega hybrid

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It’s the chromaspinus + concavenator idea, it’s weird in my opinion, because fusing with something that is not highly intelligent would be the disadvantage for it, also in my opinion. And how about this one? Chromaspinus + deinonychus S-DNA = chromaspinychus.