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Mega Hybrids in JWTG (+ New Super Hybrids)

Mega Hybrids are like what they were in JWA which is a Super Hybrid + a Hybrid but with a twist now they can be made with M-DNA which M-DNA is colored Yellow (FFFF00). Here are all of the Mega Hybrids.
Indominoraptor: Indoraptor + Indominus rex M-DNA
It looks like an in-between of Indoraptor and Indominus rex with a grey color and has a stripe like the Indoraptor but Green. It’s Level 40 design keeps those colors but now there’s quills on it’s tail that almost looks like a tail fan of quill and it’s quills on it’s arms have extended even longer. it also now has Vermillion spikes running down it’s back.
Indominoraptor Gen 2: Indoraptor Gen 2 + Indominus rex Gen 2 M-DNA
Just a recolored variant to Gen 1 but is now a dull blue (404080) with a Vermillion Stripe (FF4000). Level 40 is a Vibrant Blue (8080FF) with Purple spikes (but is still a recolor to Gen 1)
Spinotasuchyudon: Spinotasuchus + Yudon M-DNA
Looks like the Spinotasuchus but now with the feathers and head of Yudon and is an Army Green color. It’s level 40 colors will have a large spine running down it’s back and is now an Electric Lime with Gold accents.
Well time for the new Super Hybrids
Chromaspinovenator: Chromaspinus + Concavenator S-DNA
Looks like the Chromaspinus but with a hump at the base of the tail it’s a Dusty rose overall with brown spots and red light. It’s Level 40 is the colors of the Level 40 Spinosaurus from Jurassic Park Builder but it has a horn on it’s snout and 2 more sails on it’s back.
Xianthostega: Xianthodon + Ichthyostega S-DNA
This is the first ever aquatic Super Hybrid ever. It looks like an Icthyostega but with the Xianthodon’s head and tail it’s color is a charcoal grey. It’s level 40 is still Charcoal grey but now with Cyan stripes at the tail and has a large shark fin on it’s back and horns running along it’s snout.

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We need to sort out the imbalances of both ferocity and classes before we start thinking of extending the endgame. We have’t even gotten a Amphib Tourney Hybrid yet, so this is something that should only be talked about wayyy down the line after the roster imbalances are fixed.

As for the concept, I’m against. I want every dino to have a hybrid and certain hybrids to have S-Hybrids before the endgame is changed by these mega hybrids.


In what world is this a fair matchup


In our worlds @Lora_Green :wink:.

I didn’t take a screen shot today because I have become numb to it but I had a flyer with over 8k attack and around 11k health in one of my F4F battles today. All I can do is laugh now days at the matchups.


I agree we need Amphib, the game needs them.

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@Sionsith I agree with you I laugh every time fff shows up it’s beatable but not worth it I guess this is what happens when you try to take all your dinosaurs to level 40 lol

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While great ideas you have given us suggestions to creatures that we do not need any stronger atm, carnivores and surfaces.

If you make a stronger amphibian or reef then I would have been interested, but we don’t need stronger carnivores or surfaces when we have the likes of indoraptors and dunkleosaurs… which are leagues ahead of most top creatures.

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We can barely support a max indoraptor never mind it having a mega hybrid

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