Mega hybrids needed

A list of super hybrids that have been either forgotten or are underwhelming and could use some attention


you have forgotten abou the king o them all… alanky

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Alanky isn’t a super dude, it definitely deserve the most, along with procerath, dimodactylus, brontolasmus and such


I have one of MonoS and Indominus G2

A real SUPER hybrid would be the ultimasaurus if it would be in the game and so should the other chaos theory old toy set dino hybrids

Ovimoloch was released a few updates ago…

Megalo and mono surely need one

These things actually deserve a Megahybrid




an apex thagomizing dino would be fun

The Nodopato hybrid trio definitely need megahybrids, all of them have amazing designs and could make for great resilient tanks with a hybrid. Maybe Gigaspikasaur could get a pure resilient mega, while Stegod gets a fierce/resilient mega and Nodotitan gets a cunning/resilient mega.

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+Magna, Dilora, Toura, Erlido and Maxima

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Yea those too

Antarc dosent need a hybrid. I use it and its plenty strong

It does
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Plus it’s not strong

It is strong, I don’t see how it isn’t. The only thing that makes it not viable are the broken cash cows that Antarctovenator doesn’t deserve to be made a part of.


Or maybe just buff them so they can be used and not forgotten?

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I really don’t think we need to be making more mega hybrids until all hybrids have superhybrids. Brontolasmus, dimodactylus, alankylo, megalogaia, inostherium, and dakotanops are all examples of dinos in need of a superhybrid. Ironically, all of those need a buff too. (Other than maybe dimodactylus)

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