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Mega Paddocks

So I’ve had this idea for a long time now, and have finally refined it enough to share it.

Mega Paddocks, for limited time unlocks, $$$, or park level unlocks.

It’s exactly like the Aquatic and Cenozoic mega paddocks, only you can move them and choose what 5-10 of a certain dino class you can put them in.

Essentially what it would be is a 15x15 or 15x10 tile building you can place anywhere, where you can put between 5 and 10 dinos of a certain classification into it and they live among a desired environment.

Take the Bird Cage from JPIII, imagine putting 5-10 pteros into that foggy cage with beautiful waterfalls.

Or an open planes with gyrospheres for 5-10 herbivores.

A lush forest mountain for 5-10 carnivores with the potential for the Ford Explorers to drive by.

A swamp or sunny beach for the amphibians.

There are also some benefits:

  • lag reduction from rendering the dino models from default paddocks.
  • the Cenozoic Mega Paddock can become a moveable building.

Then to spice things up a bit, the mega paddocks can also bring around unique environments for daily battles. This way there are more environments for PVE, PVP, and even the battle stages.

A few years into this game, and ive always desired new environments, paddock designs, and park life. This idea blends all ideas into one.


Strong Jurassic Park Builder vibes right here :heart_eyes:

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