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Mega Suggestion Thread


Having a few of the same dinosaur all spawn together on top of each other like 3-5 dinosaurs. I know there are situations where multiple dinosaurs spawn on each other but this is extremely rare for them to all be the same species and does not occur regularly in rural areas unless you are extremely lucky!

New Arenas:
There is a big jump from arena to arena in regards to dinosaur levels , I feel an additional 3 arenas would be suitable making the jump from arena to arena smaller but balancing the players better. This would also allow for new dinosaurs to be added to incubator rewards section and allowing for more exclusive dinosaurs.
Ideas for new arenas:

Zoo (JWFK trailer has a zoo)
Urban area
Giant Underground Lab
Volcanic enviroment

Watering/Feeding Station

Essentially a lure attracting dinosaurs for 30 minutes . The radius of the station will be the max distance to catch a dinosaur without VIP: 150m. All drops should be able to perform this.
Maybe a dinosaur every 2-5 mins with 1 guaranteed epic ?

Quests that can reward the player coins and bucks for completing tasks. This would allow for quests to reward the playing for walking , catching specific dinosaurs and battling .

Dinosaur suggestions

Some of these dinosaurs will be coming soon but I figured I might as well suggest them:

pachycephalosaurus (rare)’
Coelophysis (common/rare)
Oviraptor (common/rare)
Psittacosaurus (common)
Lambeosaurus (common)
Ceratosaurus (rare/epic)
Ornithimimus (common)

New moves

  1. Full Charge (headbutt)
    Deals 1.5x Damage
    Increased critical damage
    20% recoil damage
    Dinosaurs: Stygmolich / any pachy
  2. Evasive maneuvers (instant invincibility for non armored dinosaurs)
    Dodge next attack
  3. Ambush/Stalk
    Goes last , does 2x damage if dinosaur does not strike it eg. switches or cleanses
  4. Final stand
    Cleanses and places a short defence

Battle Pit
With the re-introduction of more drops some of these could be turned into battling arenas like gyms in pokemon go but perhaps when the dinosaur is placed into the pit it has a default level eg: epics/legendaries: 15 | rares: 17 | Common: lvl 20. That way any lvl player can hold the pit . Perhaps teams could be split into 3-6 teams? Like rangers/poachers/collectors or some title relating to people who catch dinosaurs.

Flying reptiles

Not a new idea but just a list:

rhamphorhynchus (bottom right)
Dimorphodon (top right)
quetzalcoatlus (bottom left)
Tapejara (top left)
Pterodon (center)

Now I dont think these guys should have a lot of hybrids with dinosaurs but more among each other to make sure the hybrids arent too insane. Some of these reptiles have go some film time so they are not new to the franchise. They can spawn anywhere. Will have high speeds and low health.

Marine reptiles

Again not a new concept but thought I would list them:

Mosasaurus (top left)
ichthyosaurus (top right)
kronosaurus (Centre right)
liopleurodon (centre left)
Elasmosaurus (Bottom right)
dunkleosteus (bottom left) bonus since dimetrodon is in the game this also pre-dates dinosaurs*

These can spawn near any large bodies of water. Also preferably have hybrids with other marine reptiles. Will have bulky hp and potentially high damage.

Dinosaurs in need of a hybrid

  1. Sarcosuchus- it is one of the most common spawns however has very little competitive usage and doesnt have a hybrid and as a result it is useless.
  2. Dilophosaurus- A decent rare but needs a hybrid as its stats are good but it is neither super quick or hard hitting
  3. Iguanadonts: These family of dinosaur really could use some above average hybrids as other than ournasaurus the others are only some what good due to the hit and run move.
  4. Stegosaurida: not all the stegosaurids have hybrids and although they dont need them they could certainly benefit.
  5. Tarbosaurus: a B grade allosaurus as it stands. Needs some differentiation such as a hybrid.

Thanks for your time ! drop a like and or comment more suggestions to add!


I don’t agree with all your ideas but the aqua are dope, me and a buddy were talking and thought that like Ocean exclusives would be cool. (Tho would suck if no trading was added)


I would really love to see the names of the dinosaurs on the collection menu


I would like to see a regular rotation of zones. Perhaps 4 times a year each zone moves. L1 becomes L2; L2 becomes L3 and so on. It would give some of us a chance at more varied Dino’s to make hybrids from. 1.4 did move some around but I mostly see the same species each day. I am sure many of us would like a chance to get some different rare and epic in the wild.