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Megalo back in zone 1?

That was creative…

Zone 1 is horrendous, you should go buy a house in 2 or 3.
Zone 3: Argentinosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Allosaurus, Dimetrodon, Monolophosaurus and Secodontosaurus.
Zone 1: Deinocheirus, Tuojiangosaurus, Sinoceratops and Brachiosaurus…

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I wish I could move, but think a zone rotation would be much easier!

Hasn’t happened since launch, probably a reason for it or something, so I wouldn’t count on that happening any time soon!

Me neither and been playing since launch as well. My megalo is level 30 and have 110k deino. I think I just need to get out more lol!

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