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Finally got Jager all thanks to my alliance.


Did anyone else get the popup that Megaloceras was going to be in the wild? All I’ve seen so far was a lot more Elasmotherium than normal…

EDIT: Just realized it’s Tu so that accounts for the Elas

nice SicilianBeast. :+1: Just got mine too. Got the dna from the rare strike today.

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Congrats I’m really happy for you. I didn’t get a single bit of DNA from all the strike incubators and I’m very salty. But I did unlock the Epic Rhino so I got that Goin for me


Well if you have someone in your alliance that has Megaloceras, you can ask for them to put it in sanctuary.

Our alliance has 3 or 4 circulating the sanctuaries, must admit I was surprised when it popped up but it brought to light 1 of my growing issues. I know its silly but when you reach endgame levels (29 to 30 level dinos, library and higher) its virtually impossible to use any of the new dinos.

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Yeah got the memo and some of my alliance members bought the incubator for Megalocera.

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I was really tempted to honestly

I am sure you are not the only one. Lol