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Megalodon back

I finally got my maxed :shark: Megalodon :shark: back after fusing Megarchelon!

Now I’ve got everything maxed out except for

  1. Archelon (4 in hatchery + Level 30 in park)

  2. Mammotherium (Level 20: No plans to go higher due to balancing of Cenozoic battles)

  3. Megarchelon (Level 20: Will go to Level 30, but stop there due to balancing of Aquatic battles)

  4. Spinotasuchus (Level 20: Would love more opportunities to accrue the SDNA for this creature… It’s not even in any of the rewards for the SDNA PVE Battles)

  5. Leedsichthys (Not unlocked - No unlock event yet for this creature)

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Did Megarchelon and Smithetoceras unlock when you fused them during the sneak peek?

Nope, neither one were unlocked at all… They were both unlocked later when they were made available for everyone. So thankfully there was no harm done in fusing them early but I was stuck at Level 10 until the official unlock for each creature.

Also @Kiarash_Bahar - I’m still able to win most of the PVE Events, even with my Level 40 Indoraptor. They’re slightly harder (after going from Level 31 to Level 40), but still barely manageable with my current line up. I certainly feel like the underdog in just about every battle but winning is possible.

The real issue is the cool down timers for my top 9- this what usually what keeps me from winning all of the weekly events; rather than the difficulty of the opponents.

That was what I meant, was it unlocked when it was officially released or did you have to refuse it. Thanks

Oh yeah, didn’t have to refuse either one.

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