Megalosaurus Theory

SO, maybe this will be a little far fetched, but something has always bothered me about its darting pattern and I couldn’t place my finger on quite what it was until today for some reason.

For a rare dino, it has a really odd darting pattern, compared to other rares. Every other rare I can think of off the top of my head (that isn’t a hybrid and intentionally has a more difficult darting pattern) has a set of 3 darting points that rotate up and down the body. Megalosaurus though has 4 points that go up the dino and then start over again towards the tail without moving back down the body.

Maybe it was originally going to be an epic dino, but decided to bump it down to a rare when it became a hybrid with Gorgosuchus? And they decided for whatever reason, or it was an oversight, to never give it a standard rare-style darting pattern?


Never thought about it before, sounds plausible. Especially when paired with the fact that it used to take 50 Megalo for a fuse towards Megalosuchus before they changed it to 200.


Ooh, good point! I had completely forgotten about that, as when I was able to start fusing for Megalosuchus, it had already been changed. Thanks for that! :slight_smile:

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No prob :+1:t2:
It was the same for me, missed out on the easy ups :disappointed: got mine to 27 the hard way

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The worst darting rate is the suchotator, it has the same pattern as the t-Rex. 5 darting locations at random. Good job it’s easy to get the parts for a fuse.

Some other hybrid rares have 4 random spots. And dimetrodon is a rare with only 2 spots. Tenonto or Edmonto have 3 spots but it feels totally random. I cant figure out their pattern.

That’s why I included a disclaimer in my original post not counting hybrids.

I had started wondering if the amount of darting locations is related to the size of the dinosaur. Megalosaurus is quite long, and dilophosaurus, with his 2 points, is quite small. Giraff and Amarg are quite short in terms of a top down view, considering very few rares have swaying tail marks.

Then again, they reuse some models, so maybe he is based on an epic model (raj?) and they didn’t make a new pattern, just changed it to the ordered nature of rares, which might also explain dilophosaurus holding the 2 spots of his common

I’ve noticed that as well Gumball, but I’m not sure that really explains Megalosaurus either. Definitely the smaller a dino is, the more compact and fewer number of dart points sometimes. Just thinking Giraff, Argentina, and Amarga could all easily support 4 as well.

Then again, fully willing to admit you could be correct in they recycled an already existing model to save time and didn’t really update the dart points on it very well before putting it in game! I guess we’ll never really know what’s really up with it unless Ludia ever comes out and says something about it lol.

Yes, I also noticed same things!
4 dart points and originally 50 DNA per fusing might suggest Megalosaurus might been predicted as epic before.

At least the dart point change order still regular on Megalosaurus. Epic dinos just randomly change their dart spot (only first one is stable)

But T-rex, Gorgo and Tarbo all got different dart points amounts and site.
If they really let Megalosaurus share the dart points setting with Raja, that’s just too lazy.:rofl:

Would you change back to gorgosuchus if you could go back or are you happy with Megalosuchus?
I just read a comment you left on a different post saying Megalosuchus is your favourite so that answers that question. I’m still struggling to get wins outta it.

I’m beyond happy with Megalosuchus. I never open with her, but any time she’s in my starting lineup she comes mid-end game and tears things up.
Gorgo, like most tank busters, has never been my style. Swapping and countering fit me perfectly.


I’m in the same boat with Ardens…I love my Megalosuchus and think its pretty underrated overall from what I see on the forums. Mine’s not nearly as high a level (only 21), but it’d be a really hard sell to pull her off my team. Though it does take a touch to learn to find how to play her best for your team…unlike Ardens, I’ll typically open with mine…though that could easily be a difference of where we are arena wise, and typical opening dinos I see make her worth opening with.

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Megalosuchus like the spinotachus both will require large amounts of Kapro DNAs to buff LVs. I try as much to have them the same Lv

You’re probably in a better position to help me then as mine is L20 and I could level it now probably. How many trophies are you on? I feel like every Dino I play against can counter it. With invincibility or Distracting or shield breakers or Bleeders… I’m left wondering if there is a Dino that can’t counter Megalosuchus effectively?

Normally I’m at 52-5400 Trophies, so I got used to Meg bein useless as an opener and it kinda stuck lol. As I’ve been farming for Stygi in JR, I’ve definitely seen how she can be used as an opener, though.
Glad to see someone who appreciates her as I do, and sees how undervalued she is to most :relieved:

@Ardens - I’m not sure what you think here, or what you may agree/disagree with…have insight about, etc as well.

I’m not gonna try and sugar coat it at all. In its current state/place in the game, Megalosuchus needs a buff badly. Personally, I favor trading Critical Impact to DSI/DSR to give it some umph. But she does suffer from a combo of mid-tier speed, no cleanse, and no straight up heavy hitting ability. Honestly, she’s also not a great counter I’ve found to anything specifically, and there are some dinos she fairs very poorly against, like Indoraptor, Gorgosuchus…and she can have a super rough go of it against straight tanks like Stegodeus, Tragodist, and Rajakylo.

Right now, I tend to be in the 4,000-4,200 range for trophies, and openers I see often are I-Rex, Stegodeus, Monomimus, and Stegoceratops…along with Tragodist, Utasinoraptor, Monostegatops, Indoraptor, and Allosinosaurus less often. I’ll talk about those specifically since those are the ones I see with regularity against Megalo.

So…Indoraptor, and Gorgosuchus…basically quick tank busters, you have two choices. Stick around, hope for what luck you can in getting damage in, or swap out of what’s going to probably be a sure loss of a dino. At least with Gorgo, you know you’re going to get in a counter attack and one solid hit with Ferocious if you go that route. Indo can go favorably, though RNG and the other player have to be on your side. First turn evasion here can actually be your friend in a way, as it gives you basically an extra turn to try and get some damage in. If that hits, and their DSR doesn’t crit, you could take Indo down…but I never count on it. Either way, not my favorite matchup.

Allosinosaurus and Utasinoraptor I’ll group together as well since they can be similar with the second turn priority stun. With Allo, go all out…Ferocious first turn, Crit second turn you get an attack (good chance you’ll be stunned second turn), but since it can’t debuff your speed, a good shot you’ll get theirs down…albeit more or less fodder for their next. Utasino, I’ve found the best thing is to shield first turn. Since they can’t take the shield out, and most likely used Debilitating first turn, a second turn stun is your friend in some ways, not wasting a strong move while at half attack. If it doesn’t stun, so much the better…this matchup can go either way though, depending on how both are played. Though if there’s not more than a level disparity, it is a decent chance of if not winning the round, at least making it easy to finish.

Monosteg and Monomimus, with both of them having two nullifying attacks, I usually try to bait them into using both to get a 1x hit from my opponent with shield and ferocious, and it doesn’t really matter for Monosteg which order you use them in. Monosteg is the worse matchup IMO, as it has a solid attack and crit rate, so knowing they are likely to use Slowing, Nullifying Impact, Nullifying Strike, you can get a rough idea of whether you’ll survive or not with some quick math.

Things with Evade Emu can vary wildly, depending on whether they open with Evade or Distraction. An Evade opening can actually be a small blessing in disguise. With Megalo’s counterattack, and getting two hits a turn when they attack…more chances to hit through the evade at least. Where I am right now, most people’s Monomimus is in the 17-19 range, meaning if they use back to back Nullifying, you’re making it till Evade wears off. If not…it may be a tossup on how well RNG hits through the Evade.

Anything tanky shields/heavy shields/slows…Stegodeus, Tragodist, Rajakylo…have to play the patient chess game. Rajakylo can be a pretty big pain with its Extended Critical Strike, and then its Counter Strike on top of it. Then shields and Instant Invis on top of that. Stegodeus, you’re probably either going to get hit with SS or Thag opening move. Know that you’re going to get hit with APR second turn with no shield, or third turn if you start with shield most likely, so mentally prepare for it and just know its coming. Its generally one I try to set up as best I can to take out quickly when Megalo dies. Personally I find that Tragodist can be an interesting matchup, since the way it can be played can range from very tanky to very offensively oriented. Esp if its in the 19-20 range (compared to my team). Watch for the second turn stun and be wary if it isn’t used second turn. Beyond that, try and save your shield till the turn after they use theirs usually. For all three, if I can when I’m gonna die, I try to use pinning to either force the cleanse next turn if they can, or to just keep them in place for the turn to try and finish them off.

I-Rex and Stegoceratops are ones I find I generally do very well against with Megalo however. Even Diloranosaurus occasionally when I face one with her.

Stegoceratops…shield immediately first turn. My experience has been if you don’t, Megalo is pretty much dead. You know they’re going to open with Slowing Impact, so half damage there, is important. Most times next hit will be Greater Stunning Strike, to stun you into inaction second turn. Down side if they do is you’ll take more damage overall. Unless its a couple levels above you, or it manages to land both stuns, Megalo will usually survive this order with no crits against it. May be nearly dead if things work out right, but still an annoying dino taken out.

I-Rex, you want to use Ferocious first turn. Whether or not it cloaks that first turn, you don’t want to waste the chance to survive if it waits till second turn to cloak by shielding first turn. If it cloaks first turn, don’t start stressing. Put up your shield second turn, and you’ll survive to third turn to get a non-cloaked hit in, with FI still up. Really good RNG, and you’ll take him out through the cloak entirely. Pretty much ever I-Rex I see at my level is 19 or 20, which means even first turn API, plus a shielded cloaked APR is going to be survived without a crit somewhere. Unfortunately, same situation, you’re going to come out as fodder for their next, but still something solid down. Same with Dilorano…though that one I always try and shield first turn. Surprisingly, a lot of times with that, Dilo will be almost dead or dead head to head. I’ve killed a few on the counter attack after its Impact and Run even.

Beyond that…I view Megalosuchus as basically an attack tank. Its not really a straight attack creature, and its not really a tank…but it has elements of both and can be surprisingly effective if you learn to use it well. Basically, it boils down to there isn’t a linear way to play her…you have to anticipate what your opponent is going to do and try to react accordingly, whether you play her first or bring her in later. As an opener, she’s almost more of a scout…a lot of times she’s going to die or come out with really low health, but can still be very effective at doing what you’re trying to do getting her out first…saving strong dinos for later while getting a solid idea of what your opponent is trying to do.

Sorry for the long post…but I thought I’d try to actually cover different opponents in more than just a couple of words that I’ve found in my experience. I hope it helps, and I’m always open to feedback on how to play her better as well, considering she’s one of my favs by far! :slight_smile:


That was way too long to read in its entirety :joy:
I can tell it was an in depth, well thought out, and solid analysis of Meg though. :ok_hand:t2:
I’ve never been the type to think out individual matchups or stats ahead of time. I go into battle with a basic strategy based off the creatures I drew, then react as things play out. In my experience, she doesn’t usually let me down when reaction leads to her, though.
Let’s say I draw Indo, Meg, Raja, and Magna. My thought is this:
-Indo open, battering ram. Let it die
-Rajakylo follows Indo as a wall in the middle of my lineup until it dies
-use Magna to hurt and leave them flailing
-swap into Meg to clean up
Meg is the most flexible on my team, because while most of my basic plans play out as intended, I feel I can easily slot her in any spot after the match has started.

Funny thing about meglasuchus is for a dino that is many on these forums say is bad… it has a very solid representation in the top 20 teams… last i checked more people in the top 20 used megla then tragod. While alot of people say buff it… if its already being used on a good amount of the top teams a buff would most certainly push it into op territory…