Megalosuchus back to Gorgosuchus

So I’ve gone with Megalosuchus and gotten him to L20 but I don’t really get anything out of him. I’ve tried different strategies to use him but it doesn’t seem efffective against any of the Dino’s I face in the Ruins. Maybe others know something I don’t and I’m aware many of the top teams utilise it but regardless it’s not working for me. I’m wondering is it too late to stop leveling Mega and recommence with Gorgosuchus again? Feels like such a waste of DNA. Has anyone else changed allegiance with any success before?

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Funny, I’m actually about to do the same. I got Megalo to 18 and now I’m going against all these high level Gorgos and seeing what a mistake I made. Going to start working on my lvl 15 Gorgo. My only hesitation is splitting the Kapro between Gorgo and Spinotasuchus.

I’m still not sure I can bring myself to do it. Goes against my core values to waste that much DNA.

It’s great to make people choose between Monosteg and Monomin as they are both Legendaries but having Gorgo (arguably) better is a bit :poop:. I didn’t even really consider that I may have been making the wrong decision.

It’s curious. I made the decision not to create megalosuchus for two reasons.

  1. I have little megalosuchus DNA and I have a hard time finding it.

  2. I thought I was a weak creature that did not contribute anything to my team.

But yesterday, I got doubts. I faced my gorgosuchus of 20 to a megalosuchus (I do not remember the level but I think inferior to mine). I thought I would win for sure being faster but he killed me in one fell swoop. First with its “counter atack” and then with a critical with “critical impact”. Very few creatures can do so much damage with their first blow.

The problem is that between gorgosuchus, megalosuchus and spinotasuchus can only evolve one and making the decision to choose megalosuchus is not easy.

I wouldn’t change mine to same level Gorgosuchus.


First time I came across a Gorgosuchus, I really knew I wanted one… Really bad! So I did. Now, he (I think it’s a he, because of all the yellow testosterone seeping through his pores) is level 23 and has won me many-many battles! I won’t be darting T-Rex tonight, in the hopes of leveling my Gorgosuchus to 24. On the other hand, many top-level players have Megalosuchus on their teams, but none have Gorgosuchus. Personally, I am not really impressed with the performance of Megalosuchus’ I have been pitted against.

I’ve just never got to grips with Gorgosuchus - don’t know why; so at the moment my Kapro is going towards Gorgo towards Megalo - not that it makes it on the team at the moment and I don’t exactly tremble when I come up against one. I think Megalo is more versatile but needs to be high level for the benefits to really pay off (e.g. large hit on the counter) - perhaps that’s why he features in the top teams and is in alpha tier on Metahub. Looking at it as a long term plan.

With all my Kapro going into Gorgo (which isn’t that plentiful) I have benched Spinotasuchus and focussed on Suchotator.

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They have different roles so it is a bit unfortunate that they share DNA. If the question is resources then that is up to you whether you want double the work but both is a fine thing if you can hunt enough to support it. They are not direct substitutes for each other in what they do.


i used to be a megalosuchus user confused as to why people would use gorgosuchus. now i’ve switched. depends on what you need it for. i needed another shattering dino on my team and megalosuchus really struggles against armor and shields. my gorgo is 24 and will crit anything for like 5500. finish something with ferocious strike and watch your opponent send something out with dodge and just pray :joy:

megalosuchus probably really starts to shine at like level 26. 18-20 is not good. it also was bugged and used to only take 50 megalosaurus to fuse to so people got it really high before they fixed it and made it 200. i would guess those are most of the people that say megalo > gorgo


simple answer is… bothare very effective at higher levels. iwouldnt be scared of a lvl 20 megalo in ruins. if it was 24+, yes!! so your return wont come untill its higher. ive seen some level 27s in the higher arenas of both gorg and megalo.

i also never see megalosaurus. i was sitting on a level 16 gorgosuchus (with enough to fuse it to 24) and 21 megalosuchus for a long time hoping to see megalosaurus and use all the DNA to make it crazy high. just gave up and went with what i could make and haven’t looked back.

you have to finish something with ferocious strike though, or else gorgo is not so good. if you do though, it can shred an entire team.

I agree … they’ve both got different roles and difference counters so it’s really hard to compare them based on their moves.
Gorgo is a great offensive player
And megalo is more defensive (I think it’s a great alternative to rajanky just based off moveset alone)

That being said, the counter attack and shields of megalo have beaten me or diffused my attacks fairly often.

I don’t think either is superior, they just have different purposes

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I don’t know that any that would make a blanket statement that MegaloS>Gorgo are correct. If Gorgo is your only shield breaker at a decent team/opponent level I certainly do not think this is true. However if you have other high end shield breakers it probably always is.

Precisely! And this is why I often choose to intentionally sacrifice a dino for the sake of setting up my Gorgosuchus!

Yeah that’s my train of thought too.

I just got my megalo to a 22 and have had good luck with him. My 19 gorgo is still on my team and the main difference outside of the move sets is gorgo can be one shotted more often than megalo from what I’ve seen. I do wish pinning strike was dss though, he needs something.

I haven’t been using either–they both just seem too unpredictable to me.

i love megalosuchus. its only downside to me is its speed. its so slow. megalosuchus always kills stegodeus and indominus for me. its boss. its just too slow.

I disagree. I for one didn’t have megalosaurus at required level when that 50 dna fuse bug was active. Megalosaurus wasnt that common dino before. Though mine is only 24lvl but I still find it more usefull than gorgo.

Megalosuchus is specialist. It’s niche are battles against Indominus and killing almost dead dinos with counter attack. High lvl Megalo can also do good job against Stegodeus.

Gorgosuchus is hard hitter and can win battles in one or two shots. It’s weakness are stuners and slowers. One lvl higher Stegodeus two shot Gorgosuchus easily.