Megalosuchus back to Gorgosuchus

if you use gorgo wrong it will. if you bring in gorgo to face a full HP stegodeus, you deserve to have it die. with a crit, a 24 gorgo will one shot a 27 stegodeus.

not hating on megalo. it’s just what you need for your team. with out gorgo my only shattering dino would be indoraptor. or i’d have to use a 20 trex, 19 tryostronix or 18 allosino. not gonna get it done in lockwood :sob:

Penny drops - just realised why I don’t get the love that Gorgo gets; I don’t use shattering dinos against shields I use nullifiers - Monostegotops, Monomimus, Suchotator - the exception being Indoraptor but its a handy skill rather than the reason it is on the team. Probably why I don’t get Allosinosaurus as well. What other shattering ones are there?

The other big two are Tryko and Tryos.

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Dont do either and go for spinutahsuchus. Kapro is a lot more valuable. Also why people choose megalosuchus i have no clue. Isnt rajakyla an objectively better counter attack dino?

i mean this works. better than not nullifying. but most things with shields also have armor that you have to get through as well. shattering gets by that where nullify doesn’t.


Thanks - I have Tryostronix but not on the team yet as needs levelling.

That’s a good point - I just hadn’t even considered it before; in my head shields were countered by nullify - I had always intended to get Tryostronix into the team once it was high enough - now even more so.

This is why I love this forum (bickering and complaining aside) it opens your mind/eyes to things you just hadn’t considered. :heart_eyes:


yeah. i try to have 2 shattering and 2 nullifies. hopefully you get 1 of each at least. but if i don’t get a shattering, i’ll be the first to bring monomimus out to face stegodeus and take that shield off.

but they each have their place in the game. i don’t want to nullify stegodeus and and i don’t want to shatter indoraptor.

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I have done the same, several times. In upper Arena 8 I currently have 7 permanent team members, one unique (Indorapter), 6 legendaries and Gorgosuchus (lvl 22). I have tried other dinos her place but other legendaries I would like to use (e.g., Utasinoraptor) aren’t high enough level yet.

I’ve been faithless several times but have always returned to my reliable heavy hitter. At least until I can get another unique.

I think as long as the dino is not bad, the most important factor becomes the level of the dinosaur. Which one to go with depends on the availablility of the dinosaur in your area.

For example, I live in local 4, so I cannot find enough meglosaurus to evolve meglasuchus, so I go with gorgosuchus. Recently Ludia has moved spinosaurus into local 4, so I’m considering spliting kapro DNA between spinotasuchus and gorgosuchus. If you live in local 1 where megalosaurus is abundant, go for megalosuchus is a great idea.

Also many people use gorgosuchus because top tier shield breakers are very tough to get and T rex is usually underleveled to be considered useful in arena above ruins. Before I got indoraptor a week ago, gorgosuchus is the only shield breaker on my team and he’s doing great.

Many people are talking about migrations in this game, but I’d rather not have frequent migrations since this can create a variety of dinosaurs which people are using instead of having the same dinosaurs across all teams. What ludia should actually do is to balance the dinosaurs between locals so all locals have about the same amount of good dinosaurs (Such as creating a superhybrid of the angry chicken for local 3 or add other local 3 based hybrids).

Only one thing I can think off: Megalo needs a BUFF, a big time.

Coming from a combinations of Gorgosaurus(DSS,DSI), Kaprosuchus(DSS) and Gorgosuchus(DSS,DSR), this is not at all fair to not include any of the DSS,DSI, DSR on the Megalo.

I only request Ludia to hear us and get some BUFF to Megalo. I really like the description of Megalo(Siberian Tiger wrapped in razor wire), but doesn’t have a good skill set


Yeah, that description sold me the first time I read it. Have been disappointed so far but holding out hope for that buff one day.

A buff wouldn’t surpise me

It’s all in how he is used, he would be downright scary in the hands of the people who use him correctly if he got buffed as well…as he is he can reliably beat a stegodeus a few levels higher from the start

shattering, shield, counter-attack is probably bordering on being a unique and not legendary.
it might get a unique or something.

Tryostronix is tricky to use and many times too glassy. I have lvl 18 on my team. With Gorgosuchus and Indoraptor (got it few days ago) Tryo is first to go, as soon as I’ll have better option.

I like Megalosuchus, but Megalosaurs are rare. Also spent saved Karpo DNA to lvl it till 15.

I highly recommend just putting further effort into Gorgosuchus. Look put for the special events today, they will be out!

tryo is immune though so it’s usually going to get 2 hits on something like a stegodeus. where you can’t bring in gorgosuchus to face it or it gets decelerated and dies next turn.

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Free to a good home …

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