Megalosuchus battle bug?

I’m not sure if it is by design or a bug, but when in battle and megalo kills the opponent’s dino with counter it still uses the chosen move before the opponent’s next dino comes out. This doesn’t happen when the counter takes the 3rd dino out and wins the battle. Not happy about wasting a good move on thin air.

This isn’t a bad thing at all. It allows you set up short defense or a ferocious boost.

It does work in my favor unless all I have left is pinning strike. Usually by the time it happens CI and FS are on cooldown though. Shield being in place when the next dino comes out is great, but not knowing and seeing it has DS is kind of a bummer.


I’m not sure if i like it or not yet. It’s kind of strange. Maybe it would be better if the attack hits the new dino. Although that could be unfair, idk

Yeah I don’t know, it seems it should hit the new dino based on speed so not necessarily first.

But that would make it have 3 hits, 1* the attack from the previous dino, 2* the counter attack from the hit of the new dino, and 3* the attack to the new dino

It seems odd that the move is taking place with no opposing dino present. I’ve tried base attack so I don’t waste a better move, but it always seems that’s when they swap. :joy:

I don’t know if this is a bug, but it happens to all dinos with a counterattack, when the opponent is killed by the counterattack strike.

Good to know that it’s not the only one that it happens with. Planning around it is a bit challenge. Thanks for all the input!