Megalosuchus buff

For me its Simple hybrid Cannot be worse than component, megalosuchus ja quite useless, no defense breaking, very fragile to debuffs like distract slow etc. For me his skill set doesnt work. So i think he should be more like his better component gorgosusuchus not megalosaur. I suggest skillset like this

  1. Pinning strike
  2. Ferocious impact
  3. Defense shattering Impact
  4. Long protection
    He would be still slower than gorgo, still worse base attack but he will have DS impact which is rare among legendary hybrids.
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I feel like I’ve posted this before (and don’t get me wrong I’d love it to get buffed. I’ve got him at L20 and have huge buyers remorse the ability to break shields would make it usable) However many of the best players use it so it must have something going for it (or maybe they just use it because they could make it easy before the fusing was fixed). Also as it is some people are using it and some people stayed with Gorgosuchus which is good for the game. It’s not great when everyone runs the same squad.
I really don’t know why I keep posting this, I really really hope they take your advice on this one. I’ve got a tonne of DNA ready to fuse but I think I will bench mega as soon as I can get something else at close enough level.

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First off (I posted this elsewhere yesterday) but MegaloS isn’t a worse dino than Gorgo they are completely different dinos with completely different roles. Offsetting MegaloS “worse attack” than Gorgo is a laughable statement because with a 1X counter it’s base turn damage is 2K at lv 26. That is an enormous number. Secondly to suddenly make it a shield breaker is to make it something else entirely. To counter it’s huge turn damage not being able to break shields or cleanse is exactly how the game means for you to counter it. In general the ability to shield break is given at the cost of many other attributes for balance. Many of the folks that already run it with success at high level did so for what it does do well (like a huge counter attack or beating Indo reliably) and not what you are suggesting we make it into…a completely different dino which we already have dinos filling that role. All that and long protection? Holy heck let’s just make it invincible. I am open to the idea of maybe MegaloS needs some attention somehow but these suggestions are more than too much or flawed (no offense, I know it’s tough to come up with these ideas).


Just because they are different Dino’s doesn’t mean ones not better than the other. Stegodeus is better than Dracorex and they are completely different Dino’s.
Should they be completely different though? I’d think when making Hybrids you would take the best of each Dino to make a better one. Do you run Megalosuchus? I mentioned earlier that some top teams run it but not many other people seem to be having a lot of success with it.
I’m not actually calling for a buff (although I’d be happy if it happened) I think you need to plan your team and make the right decisions with what you evolve. (I stuffed this one up but that was my fault, I stupidly assumed the legendary hybrid would automatically be better). I’m not really for buffs or nerds personally. When they buff a Dino you could have created but spent your DNA elsewhere it’s really frustrating. I definitely would have darted more sinoceratops but at the time the hybrids were not as fantastic.
Is beating Indominus reliably really that special?

Do I run it? No, I went a different route for damage.

Of course Stegod and Dracorex have different roles. Which is better has more to do with team composition than ability but Stegod and Dracorex? These two are not good comparisons…are you arguing that dracorex should lose SIA and what it does do well and become a tank to the shagrin of those that powered it or that it should become a legendary instead of what it is, a rare not meant to be a legendary.

I think the fact that top teams are running it means it certainly isn’t a useless dino like others as a legendary and the fact that they do run it speaks to that. As I said I could hear out ideas about making it better but the above suggestions make it OP and give it a completely different role which I cannot agree with.

Is beating Indo reliably a big deal? Simply put, yes.


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No I’m saying Stegodeus is better than Dracorex (before and after the buff). Yes they have different roles but one is still better than the other. Are you saying mega can beat Indoraptor or Indominus (you can’t really shorten it to indo with out causing confusion). I haven’t been able to beat Diplocaulus with it personally. He seems to be countered by every Dino in the game. Rajanky destroyed him today.
You mentioned a rare is not meant to (beat?) a legendary. I think this is the point: an Epic is not meant to beat a legendary either. It’s very debatable which one is better. Yes balanced teams and all that but one of them will win you more battles than the other. The Math is impossible because you don’t use them as openers so how they manage one on one doesn’t prove which is better (however I do believe Gorgosuchus wins this one also).

Sorry. On metahub the shortening is understood. Indo is Indoraptor and Indom is Indominus.

Rajanky is supposed to destroy it by design, shields are its weakness (amoung other things). My guess is this is the cost to be paid for having what is or close to the highest 2 turn damage in the game as a legendary and not a unique. Yes there are risks for this ability.

Stegod is a legendary and Dracorex (one of the better rares now by a lot) is supposed to be better than Dracorex. One is a legendary and one is a rare. Now, those rules don’t have to always be linear and clear but in general they should be followed so that we have something to work for instead of just all powering up Draco G2 a week intothe game and wondering why it isn’t better than Utarinex or being better than Utarinex.

Like I said we can talk about buffs and problems with function but the changes suggested I cannot agree with for the reasons stated above.

I don’t think you are getting the point of what I’m saying. I don’t care about Dracorex I was just throwing a random Dino out there which was not a tank to illustrate that Stegodeus filled a different role but is still clearly better.
I agree a legendary should be better than a rare but by that logic a legenday should also be better than a epic.
You mentioned shields are Megalosuchus weakness’s but it seams to be weak to every thing. Are you sure a mega will defeat Indoraptor reliably? It’s not the experience I’ve had with it or the many people calling for buffs (again not me, it was my own fault for evolving it).

As reliably or more reliably than most things considered counters to Indo, yes. As any counter that doesn’t nullify there is a risk for repeated dodges but unlike some of those counters you aren’t risking two turns of damage and crit or relying on dodging yourself like dodgestritch.

How does this battle go then?
I’d imagine
Indoraptor: cleans
Mega: ferocious?
Indoraptor: DSR
Mega: :skull:

So are you saying you saw them in the wild and just decided not to dart them?

I stated this poorly, MegaloS is a counter when played late with ferocious in effect after it has knocked out a dino much like Tryos and Gorgo. With ferocious in effect you run CI onwhatever comes in

Ha no, it was the special event Dino and I chose to dart something else instead. The general consensus at the time was both hybrids were a bit underwhelming. In the following update they both received a buff. Meanwhile the Dino’s I chose to get were nerfed (a little).

This can’t be a selling point for Mega over Gorgo That is such a specific situation and one that Gorgosuchus is surely better at. The number of times mega can enter at a higher speed to use ferocious and kill a Dino first shot is quite limited. Mega is almost always at reduced health and is finished off quickly as almost everything is faster than it. This is Gorgosuchus’s speciallity and it works so much better due to his higher speed. I guess you have to try it out in the meta to really know. I saw the top teams running it also and thought I would work out a strategy that worked or it would come into its own when it leveled but I’m not sold. I’ve never seen anyone raving about how great it is or calling for it to be nerfed. The reviews of gorgosuchus are much more flattering.

I’m not trying to sell anything in regards to Gorgo versus MegaloS nor did I say a buff is out of the question. Only that the buffs mentioned above are not what I would choose. In terms of its current state in the meta there is a reason I chose not to run it. But it does function that way and being slower still means you get a buffed full counter against what is coming in unless nullified or distracted or shielded. Yeah that does leave the door open to a lot of things that can come in effectively versus a late played MegaloS

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I have meglo on my team but he’s useful only in very specific situations. It’s description shouldn’t compare it to gorgo because there is no comparison. They have a fight, gorgo wins. His description should be more like ‘meglo is a sneaky little back biter jerk who will win you a few matches from time to time if the stars align right’. He’s great as a forth dinosaurs, he is bad as 1, 2 or 3. I’d take a buff for him so he more resembles a Siberian tiger wrapped in razor wire instead of an alley cat wrapped in wet noodles.


( 202020 Body was too short)

Finally managed to get the battle I was after: I Just played Megalosuchus full health with ferocious vs Indoraptor. Evade, one shot dead.

It killed indo or Indo killed it?

Sounds like Indo killed it!

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