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Megalosuchus' Evolution


Dear Ludia, you have done a fantastic job with Jurassic World Alive and I absolutely love the game. Anyway, Megalosuchus has been my favourite dino and although being one of the weaker Legendaries, I like it’s stealthy look. I would like to suggest the next evolution for its Unique form and fuse it with another therapod, the Carnotaurus. Having Carnotaurus’ horns and some of its red skin marking, the new Unique hybrid will truly be the Hellhound of Jurassic World with Megalosuchus’ wolf-like frame. It would also be interesting if its horns are remodeled differently like how Diplotator’s ones differ from Diplocaulus after its fusion. Thank you.


Megalosuchus is already a superhybrid so this probably wouldn’t happen :woman_shrugging:


Megalosuchus is already a superhybrid, can’t get another hybrid.


J/w if the ‘can’t get another hybrid’ comment is based off the fact that no super hybrid current exists in the game, yet may still happen at some point in the future potentially but because it hasn’t yet it ‘can’t happen’…or if there’s something direct and concrete you can point to from Ludia to say that a super hybrid being part of a hybrid fusing will never happen?

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Probably will never happen because hybrid/superhybrid are based on the movies (indominus rex/indoraptor) and they said no hybrids for jurassic world 3, so a third hybrid tier is highly unlikeable.

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Also, i Remember they said something like “a superhybrid Is an hybrid between a non-hybrid creature and a non-superhybrid hybrid”.

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Yes, that’s the definition of a ‘super-hybrid’. But to the best of my knowledge, Ludia has not come out and said that being a super-hybrid is, in and of itself, and end all for hybrid potential of a creature. And until that happens, its kind of silly to say that it can’t happen however unlikely at this time it may be. In many ways, that’d be analogous to saying previously that no creature would ever have three hybrid options to fuse.

But I’m guessing the idea of being open to such possibilities is going to pass you by, and you’ll continue to deal in absolutes and concretes when there’s no solid basis for such.

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I’ve always wanted megalosuchus to get an unique megahybrid. But it’s not happening. SO IT NEEDS A MAJOR BUFF. It can’t survive long enough to do 3 attacks in most battles. It’s too slow, and needs defense shattering rampage/impact instead of critical impact. I love this creature aswell. Give it some love.