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Megalosuchus fix


Megalosuchus, in comparision with Gorgosuchus, is not worth due to some reasons.
It has a good design but weird stats. It’s true megalosuchus is worth sometimes, but not like Rajakylosaurus. Which is a better version but slower.
Here i made a couple of changes according with its ingame description

i must say because its cut, its 1170 not 1700 xD

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While I agree that Megaosuchus is not quite right and dies very quickly in bad matchups. 1700 damage with a full armor piercing counter, Ferocious strike and critical impact? You crazy?


Definitely needs something - not bothered leveling mine up - but probably overkill


Not sure about the damage but defo the crit and speed boost. Armour in not sure about, unsure if it would fit


What it needs is 20% crit chance and at least 120 speed. Its not “lightning quick” like it’s description says.

Maybe even defense shattering counter attack, but I’m iffy on that.


1170, seems its cut


It’s base damage is fine considering to has Ferocious strike, a full counter and Critical impact. The fact that it can’t crack shields is its biggest issue in my opinion. If it was faster it would allow a setup kill more often. It only outspeeds Longnecks and some tanks. In this meta you almost never get to bring it in for a revenge kill to setup Ferocious strike. I benched mine at level26 for now.


Changing critical impact to cleansing impact is what all it needs. Gorgo and kapro has cleanse, but meglo doesn’t. Critcal impact is just ‘you have some chance to do more damage’, and unlike spinotasuchus, its base crit is only 5%, so crit impact on this thing is not that reliable.


Not that I am complaining, if you observe keenly, Spinotasuchus speed(129) is no match to any of her parent dinos, even Utahraptor’s speed. I always wonder why Megalosuchus’s speed/crit/Defense shattering moves are not even close to it’s TWO parent dinos. Critical Impact chances are 40%, but I hardly get once in about 10 matches.


you want to break the game or what?

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If u thought it was 1700 damage It’s due to the image, It was cut, its 1170


Counter-striking dinos do NOT need their HP pools reduced.

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Meg is fine as she is.
If anything, all she needs is Defense Shattering Counter.
Mine is L30, been using her on my team since she was 16.
For those who say Cleansing instead of Crit… no thanks.