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Megalosuchus Good?

I mean should i go for it?

If you want counter attack crocodile

I mean yess…but actually…not really; especially in this meta it’s; what I’m saying it’s never been good in any meta.

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Mine does just fine for herself, and has since July 2018.
She’s not great by any stretch of the imagination… but to say that she isn’t good is just hurtful :cry:


You and your 7000 health Megal, get out of here PTW player!

Mine is on a verge to become Level 29. I love the design, so I kept her on my team since her inception. I seriously wish she gets some sort of buff in the next patch, especially some kind of immunity or crit % or speed or cleanse move or slowing+armor piercing move or whatsoever. When some random legendary (even epic) gets random immunity, Megalo deserves too. Ludia, fix it!

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thanks for suggestions but will she serve me well in 3000-4500 trophy range?

its not permanent ill replace her with dioraja when i get it

i wanted a counter attack guy in my team

If you can I’d suggest going for Carnotarkus instead, though I’m not sure how it’ll be changed next update. Dsungaia is a good option as well.



If you don’t plan to invest a lot of boosts into it and level it up a lot, it probably won’t. In my opinion it isn’t as good when underleveled. BTW I don’t think dioraja is too great now.

Um, I’m a Fiddle, Stop assuming my gender!

If only it could get buff the design is really cool

Yes, megalosuchus does need a buff its pretty meh right now.

That’s a wide range lol.
Meg is good but there are much better counter dinos like Dio, Grypol, Tarkus or even epic Megalogaia

I identify myself as a male trex

No, megalosuchus bad.

I used it in the tourney and had to swap it out for draco . . . Draco! It was good in some situations but distraction can overwhelm you. It either does 3,000 or like 1,000. Many indoms didn’t expect it to have definite strike tho.

I think I’m an erlidominus