Megalosuchus got stealth nerf too


Not only not being buffed meanwhile gorgosuchus i gredient is far better than his legendary version. Megalosuchus got slealth nerf too, he 2 days ago needed 50 megalosaurus dna per fusion, now he need 200. Just not worth level this dino who isbt great anyway in most of situations, he lack speed and shatering defense skill, gorgosuchus is far better only whit a few less life but more speed, crit dmg and much better skill set. Ty ludia.

And now


bring a gorgosuchus into arena 8 and let me know how long it lasts. i’ll bet you it’s long enough to get in one attack and then it’s dead.


Glad I got to level the megalosuchus to 21 when I could, saved a lot of megalos. I have a level 18 gorgo on my team and clever does have a point, it dies way too quick in arena 8.


Oh, it was a known Bug that he only needed 50x Megalo DNA. Someone reported it a month ago here in the Forum … they finally fixed it. lol :wink:


He need 2 of most rarest rares ingredient, i could have much more leveled gorgosuchus if didnt invested in that megalosuchus, a lvl 25 gorgosuchus will do better in arena8 for sure, megalosuchus isnt apex for sure dont know why metahub said that


most dinos will decelerate a gorgo and kill it next turn. believe me. it won’t last.


Well gorgosuchus have a cleanse skill than let him more dmg too and hight leveled gorgosuchus will have same life than megasoluchusz but gorgosuchus will oneshot any dino in second attack, megaluchus need few attacks to be completed.
Just not worth the grind now for a medriocre dino


Megalo can be surprisingly good… yes I agree he should have a defense shattering move, that would make him amazing! but the counter attack is a sneaky trick to have, he’s a good dino still :slight_smile: in my humble opinion.


Up at rank 250 i’ve done wonder with a lvl 20 Gorgosuchus


Megalosuchus was ever a mediocre hybrid, now people was puting in his teams beacuse was realively easy to overlevel him and do something good, but he die vs most of top dinos so far and not doing well vs tanks, for those guys said me test in arena 8


spoofers don’t count. good luck when your account is reset…

you can’t cleanse yourself when you are dead. every time someone’s brought in a gorgosuchus, they get one attack, get decelerated and killed the next turn.


Depends if gorgosuchus one hits it target


Spoofer? Haha ok ok dont event know whats the name of spoof apk lol


I use gorg in arena 8. Its all about how you use him. I use him to finish a dino and then only need that 1 big hit on the next to make him worthwhile…and if he crits you now have a full health gorg still with his dmg buff against another dino :joy:


Thats how to use gorgosuchus, finish the low life dino and then oneshot the next dino, if i get slowed by a tank i heal 1000 life whit overlevel gorgosuchus and tank dont kill him whit next attack, then oneshot the tank. Megalosuchus do the same but worst.
But who know only spoofers know that


Gorg vs a tank before he has ferocious bite up is a instant loss since anyone whos smart will thag, superior strike or stun chain unless ya get unlucky and stun fails though


Stegod and tragodist are gorgs nightmare if he isnt on turn 2. I did 2 hit a indom with gorg earlier then was back on shattering for the next dude dino. I felt bad for him :joy:


ferocious strike + counter attack is crazy good though. basically up to 6 attacks (3 attacks + 3 counter attacks) at +50% damage. i got mine up to lvl 20 while it still only took 50 megalosaurus. at lvl 20 it can do 1120 counter attack damage (more if crit) + whatever attack you do that turn. plus it has a shield. now that it takes 200, might try to level up gorgo now and see how it does.

i don’t get how they can give gorgosuchus 2 shattering strikes and megalosuchus none. it needs 1.


Megalosuchus need at least 1 shatering defense skill, he dont taked any of his hybrid, or at least give him more speed for shield first, right now you must take 1 hit from the most of enemys who leave you whit half life before you can do nothing


I agree, it needs a defense shattering move.