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Megalosuchus love needed


My favorite dino on my team really needs a DS counter. I’m almost thinking of benching it, but really, really don’t want to.


Yeah, DSC would really help her. I’m not sure how much fun she is to use, I don’t have her unlocked yet, but she looks really awesome!!

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The pinning really comes in handy since 1.5 :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, yeah. I do know her moveset, by the way! Just thought I’d mention that because it could get confusing as to how I know she could use DSC without having her unlocked. My friend uses her, so I’m pretty familiar with her set up. lol


This topic has come up a few times and when I scrolled through the dinos that had changes made in 1.6 I hoped to see megalo on the list.

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I’d rather have the 295 HP back that they’ve taken from her than a DS counter or move.
The 95 was in exchange for APC, but the 200 a few updates ago was a straight nerf.
295 may not sound like much, but there have been many times it was the difference.


Both would be even better, but that’s a long shot to say the least.


Yea, both’ll never happen lol.
I’m still good with her as is, but I won’t complain about any buffs in the future.

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I get tempted to work on L30, but hesitate. I put kapro into spinota and with kapro on the menu this week I have to figure out which route to go.


Spinota never did catch my interest, or bleeding in general. My Spinota is L20, got it there for the Dilo duo… which I didn’t even need to do. Other than that duo and the Rajakylo Strike, I’ve never used a bleeder in battle.
My bias says “GO FOR 30!!”
But objectively, go for whatever makes your team better as a whole :ok_hand:t2:

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I’ve come this far, may as well go all the way!

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You know I love Megalo as much as you do Ardens, and not trying to derail the post at all!

Not a huge fan of bleeders either…but a high level Suchotator is pretty darn good! I’d almost say, at least where I am in the arenas, as underrated as Megalosuchus is.

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Im a fan of megla and will continue to work on mine once my spinotah gets some more levels… it could still take a spot on my team but kapra is limited atm.

Till then Im stock piling meg dna for that time lol.

Im ok with shields being a disadvantage but there was no need for the hp buff.

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Not sure it’s possible to love Meggie more than @Ardens :grin:

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I got suchotator up to a 26 and he works great for events, but not a fan of bleeders that much either.


I would just love surprising those shield bearers with the counter. Not a huge fan of inpenattrable offense.


Forever and always my #1 :revolving_hearts:


I love megasucky (great nickname) too especially for her counter attack, and both critical attacks, but I always wound up benching her because she always died so soon. I rarely was able to use both crit and ferocious impacts before dying. I probably just wasn’t using her right. But once I get her leveled up more I think I’m going to put her back on my team, I’m really missing a counter attack Dino at the moment.


One of my fav dinos, have it halfway to lvl 27!

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24 was when the shine came through🌞