Megalosuchus Megalosucks


Ok so I assume that anyone who knows me knows how much I’ve complained about Megalosuchus in every way shape and form. So, I’m not gonna get into that at the moment. What I want is to know how to use it because I feel like theres a use for it somewhere but maybe I’m just not seeing it. It was my first legendary and my most unused dino due to it not doing enough damage compared to its survivability. So, if anyone can give me some advice that would allow me to put it on my team it would be vastly appreciated.


It’s about knowing when to utilize it’s counter attack, especially combined with the increased crit skill.


Every dino has its use. It’s knowing when and where to use that dino that can make or break your arena strategy.


Preface - this is completely my opinion based on my using Megalosuchus and how she’s evolved in my lineup strategy wise. Also, that’s probably because I have not had the opportunity to level her very much yet.

So the best two uses I’ve found for Megalosuchus are as an opener as an alternative to a tank to feel out the opponent instead of committing something stronger to the field, or as a closer when you need to swap in your last dino. Personally, I really don’t like using her as an opener…she’s just too vulnerable to getting killed quickly. While she will usually still do decent damage, I don’t feel its the best application for her.

Generally, she’s something of a niche dino for me in the arena…I usually try to save her to be a closer if I can. Yes, Megalosuchus always has lower attack than Gorgosuchus, but the trade comes in the counter attack. Especially towards the end of a tight battle, people seem to completely forget she has that, which has pulled the battle in my favor on more than a few occasions. That, combined with most people seem to pull out tankier dinos as the match goes on, the shield can help out a heck of a lot for survival.

That being said, I do find her to be a rather niche dino, than something that I regularly employ early and/or often. She does have a lot of downfalls…like I wish they’d switch out Critical Impact for Defense Shattering Rampage. That alone would change her usefulness dramatically I think. But…as much of a niche dino as she is, those particular situations she really does shine.


I’m struggling to use it effectively also. However I looked at the top 3 teams from the tournament and two of them used it! So it must have something going for it. Obviously you want to use it to finish off an injured Dino getting the buff and then smash into the next Dino with the extra crit chance. Unfortunately like you I’m not having great success with it.


Need to level it up as much. You will see the difference when at lv18 onwards


I love when someone brings her in. That’s usually an easy win. She is useless in high arenas


I do short defense, Ferocious Strike, critical impact. In that order and it works fine. Altough i agree with all you, it really needs the dsr


It’s about knowing what she counters directly… and swapping her in when your opponent has a counter deployed. Secondly, she has a full counter attack and a relatively high base damage for a counter attacker. I’ve won many battles bc my opponent attacked to finish off my weak dino only to get killed by my swap in counter when they had 2 coin losses already. She is definitely useful, but has limitations. I’m not going to stand here and say she’s OP and you just don’t know it… but functionally she does her job when the situation calls for her


Here is how I often use it.

I have a couple high-speed Dinos on my team. So Utahraptop strikes first and cause a good 2,000 damage but gets hit back with a Slowing Move. So they go first on next round. They see I have low health and use a normal strike. I switch in Megalosaurus who takes the low strike and counters back, often for the win. Now, when Megalosaurus dies, I switch back to Utahraptor and get another 2,000 strike in.


You meant level 20 and above. My mega sucks and it’s level 18. Basically because of its s…l…o…w… speed meaning your opponent hits you first. Once your turn is over and your opponent slows you down some more, games’s over.


Harder to craft legendary creatures all have this problem… just like easy ones (stegodeus) have the opposite. The difficult ones people say are too weak, and the easy to level ones are claimed to be OP. Ludia should not make changes (buffs or nerfs) based on this. Dino’s should be adjusted based on their level 30 stats


The higher u are in the arena the higher lv u want it to be of course. But eye of the tiger should b around lv25. We just have to dig in until the migration of the megalo herd come again


Critical Impact is absolutely garbage… I agree that it needs to be changed to Defense shattering Rampage to match the Legendary status that it carries.


Megalo needs some love. I’m always hoping that she is selected along my starter four. She is a great finisher against weakened slower dinos, and is a wonderful counter to dinos such as the Indom. Mainly just use her as a survivor… might not be able to kill a higher level stegodeus, but she can take a nice chunk of health away depending on your level. With 3/4 health and ferocity strike on, a megalosuchus can beat an equal level gorgosuchus in one move. Takes one ferocious strike, gets slapped in the face with a counter, then take it down with critical impact… no criticals needed. Been fortunate enough to live in z1, and I get a couple megalosaurus spawning within range every other day. She is nearly lvl 25, and one of my favorite legendaries.

As I type this, this beaut spawned :grin:


i always bring her in at the end of a battler, when we might bouth have 2 kills each and their third is running low on health. swap her in, she can take a hit then counters, bang. game over :slight_smile: