Megalosuchus needs a shattering strike


I believe Megalosuchus should inherit at least one shattering strike from Gorgosuchus. Maybe it would be a good idea to get rid of the pinning strike as I feel it’s pretty useless.


Yes I agree but only on the pinning strike! If you use it and you take them out it’s the same thing if they swap!

Either way you are facing the next dinosaur


There is a reason why many people stick to Gorgosuchus and level it up instead of getting Megalosuchus. It’s much better than its hybrid that happens to be a legendary dinosaur… One shattering strike is a must in my view. :frowning:


I am quiet happy when I see a gorgosuchus, they are easy to kill. But when I see a megalasuchus enter the arena I know things are going to get nasty.


Yes, they are easy to kill but I’m trying to understand why Megalosuchus didn’t inherit those good and useful things from Gorgosuchus…


My lv26 Stegodeus is really welcome to defeat those Gorgosuchus.:joy:

Yes they supposed to be tank counter, but not work on my over leveled Stegodeus.:thinking:


gorgosuchus is dead in 2 hits. if your opponent has a deceleration attack, you will never get off your shattering rampage. it cannot survive in arena 7 and 8 where megalosuchus is around for a while.


I know that but his shattering rampage attack is great and I feel that Megalosuchus should have inherited it. :slight_smile:


It would be a nice feature to have a shattering strike but not completely necessary. My lvl 22 megalo does fine with its current move set in arena 8. I use the megalo as a survivor popping that shield, and a counter finisher.


That’s what I also do but it is useless against any dinosaurs with superiority and short/long defense move sets. :confused:


Ok, I think that might because Gorgosuchus didn’t get defense shattering before ver.1.3.

Yes, should inherit it from Gorgosaurus.
But pre ver.1.3 Gorgosuchus move set is:
Ferocious strike
Rampage. (yup, simple 2x dmg without effect)
Heal & dmg up

2x defense shattering ia given in ver.1.3 update.
1x defense shattering gains later, along with Gorgosaurus also got it.

By some reason (or just forgot :joy:)
They decided to give Megalosuchus better hp, but keep it without defense shattering.


Oh, that is interesting! I had no idea it had a different move set before. I really hope that game dev. team will consider adding that shattering move as it would really make it worth to invest DNA and coins into Megalosuchus.


I think some regenerating hp cleanse would be better.


Very true, hardly ever use the dino as a starter. If my dino dies , and the other opponent has weak health, I just swap and allow the opponent to kill them self with the max counter. My megalo around the same level as tanks can do quite the damage. Count the cool downs and anticipate the moves of the opponent, taking down stegodeus numerous times.

Feel like with a shattering strike, It might make the megalo too op, and a future upcoming debuff. Who knows :man_shrugging:t3:


I think mega is fine as well since pinning strike is glitched and seems to perma pin me :joy: lost a game cause i killed a guys mega after he pinned with my trag and used cleanse 3 times but still couldnt swap against his next dino…got the lil bugger to 500 health and died with a full health indom begging me to put him in lol


So many people want a dino that does it all. Please stop, meg is strong as is, long def plus a max counter with good crit is already seriously good. Hey, I also want a dino who is immune and has def shatter and high speed and 10,000hp and 5000atk… Yeah… Ok


You clearly didn’t understand what I was about. The main issue is a very weak inheritance here. I think they could have done much better job with that. They made a hybrid from a beast with powerful shattering attacks. I’m not asking to add a completely new move set that Gorgosuchus doesn’t have. :slight_smile:


if it can survive for 3 turns, you essentially get 6 hits at +50% damage with mega’s ferocious strike and counter-attack.


I never said Megalosuchus is weak. I only stated that it should get more from its heritage as Gorgosuchus has 2 shattering moves and Megalosuchus none. :slight_smile:


Same for allosinoraus