Megalosuchus needs upgrade


I just realized Gorgosuchus got an upgrade on its last skill. I think Megalosuchus being the lengendary form should also receive an upgrade. Atleast some defence shattering skill or heal with damage like what the Gorgosuchus had.


you mean gorg recieved a downgrade


Mega needs a armour pericing in his counter


defense shatter would be cool. i may use it for once.


I prefer damage compared to heal.


Gorgo got nerfed because people used gorgo to tank bust, and without the priority heal it can no longer take 2 hits from stegodeus. Gorgo can still be effective against other creatures but specifically vs stegodeus his move change is not as effective


I agree. I was just lamenting that Megalosuchus is not very effective in the higher arenas. His problem is he relies heavily upon damage buff and shield to be effective. Almost every dino in the high arenas have counter. Nullify, crippling, shields, slowing, stunning, etc. If he had a defense shattering strike or some sort of cleansing strike he might be more used in does get boring seeing the same 10ish dinos all the time. Would be cool if the invented a new passive trait like “relentless” where a dino would be immune to just slowing strikes or something.


Many people agree with you guy and can’t really get much out of him ( including myself) however (as I’ve posted on the other threads saying the exact same thing) 2 of the 3 top teams in the tournament used it! So it must have something going for it???


An actual thread requesting a buff! You’ve got my vote! :grinning:


Considering it came from Gorgosuchus, it really does need a basic shattering strike.