Megalosuchus nees love


Seems like the majority of the hybrids are better than their components now (at least when it comes to abilities) except megalosuchus now. Not sure why it loses defense shattering rampage and gains critical impact. none of any of the components have a crit attack but they do have defense shattering moves.

edit: it loses speed and 15% crit as well. speed ok… its bulkier i get that, but why go from 20% crit to 5%?


what? I was looking forward to get this one. It’s made of two epics, it should be awesome!


Epic and a rare, but yeah would Like it to be stronger :grin:


You had me there for a moment ^^
Gorgosuchus Epic + Megalosaurus Epic


Mine has been wrecking the arena stage, I love the megalosuchus :blush:


Even after being nerfed? I hope I’m gonna be pretty close to get this one after this week’s special event.


Megalosaurus is rare


OK, I really got lost in confusion. Sorry


Probably because it’s cheaper to fuse comparing to other lengendaries. Not sure tho. I just created it, and it feels a bit underwhelming.


I’m of the opinion that an upgraded dino should at the least have as good of abilities as its component. This is similar to how tryostronix had dsi but its component baryonix had dsr before. They fixed that this update but buffed gorgosuchus abilities while leaving megalosaurus abilities subpar to its component. While it didn’t make sense for gorgo to have a plain rampage, mega should have had its crit impact swapped for the same dsr that gorgo got. Especially considering they changed other dino abilities like the erlik line to be in line with each other