Megalosuchus - One of the worst superhyprids

Megalosuchus lost so much stats with the Update and get a little heal, which is pretty useless with this low attack.

Whats gone:

  • over about 1500 HP full boosted lvl30 (~8000 to 6500)
  • 6 speed (115 to 109)
  • fury now only for 2 attacks… Bad thing that he has counter attack and you never have a chance to use it for a strong impact attack :joy:

What did she get:

  • instant heal —> which heals lesser than what any creature deal in one attack, because even boosted megalosuchus attack is super low
  • deceleration immunity —> with 109 speed… good joke :rofl:

What have to be done:

  • give it back some HP, its a counter attacking creature, no hp = no damage
  • give it back a fury which hold 3 or more attacks


My friend… I would not have boosted her like that lol.
No need to max the hp.
She needs attack more.
The speed resistance would help if you were at least at T5 speed.
Just my 2 cents.


Would never increase attack for 150 points and loose 550hp.

The Speed thing is, being slower than the enemy is the only way to heal with the fury buff. The other way you only get 2x 1,5 attacks which deals only about 4400 dmg and taking mostly the same or more damage back from enemy

I boosted her cuz i like the design, and want to play this creature. Before the update, it was not super good, but just ok

What arena are you in? If you don’t mind me asking.
This is mine:


Usely arena 5500+

Group Ferocity Strike needs to be buffed so it lasts 3 turns for the user again.

Apart from that, Meg does have unusually low stats. I also think it should have some sort of shielding move, but that’s just a personal thing. Any counter-attacker without shields just seems incomplete to me.
Well, apart from the ones that have Distraction and/or Evasion.


Lost its shield for the heal… to bad that the heal needs high damage stat :roll_eyes:

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I agree, i think something like this is all It needs, the HP It has now is just ridiculous too

download (63)



This is great, tho i don’t think It needs or should have any armor, It would come from nowhere. Though It does look like she has.
I loved that you gave on escape dust cloud tho


Must be a difference in play-style then. Judging from your build, I’m guessing you use her often as a stand-alone 1v1 creature?
I was using her pretty effectively around 5200-5500 trophies, unboosted for a few months after 2.0 released. And now re-boosted, 5900-6200.
Usually when I’m using her, she’s being swapped into. The only time I really send her in normally is when she can set up on a Tryko, Dio, Max, or lesser speed Tenonto. You rarely see any of those at base speed, which is why I recommend T5 speed.
“Set up” to me doesn’t always mean Ferocious, either. API is just as good as a set up move. Then you can cleansing strike on the next creature coming in, or ferocious so you can heal the turn after

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Why does she need to lose hp, he has pretty much only 4500, maybe even was and basically no hp or speed. She needs a move buff and a buff in all stats except for armor

I nevere used it…but you should listen to Ardens…long time user of Megalosuchus…he must have know one or two things(actually he must now everything about Meg)

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You flatter me :grin:
I wouldn’t say I know everything, but I’ve definitely been through a lot with her.

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For me this one is a better build, it’s like gorgosuchus in stats but has megalosaurus habilities and the heal

Its sad that gorgosuchus is way better than its super hybrid

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His kit is actually ok to me, he just need back his pre 2.0 health and speed. (4500hp and 115spd)

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I’m kinda partial to her current kit, after having adapted to it.
Her shield wouldn’t do much in this meta, if anything. Definite strike was nice, but also wouldn’t help all that much now that Indo2 is pretty much extinct.
I would definitely like ferocious to last more than 2 attacks though. Just add one more on there, it doesn’t even have to be another “full turn.”

Start from 0 | Megalosuchus | #3


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