Megalosuchus - One of the worst superhyprids

You flatter me :grin:
I wouldn’t say I know everything, but I’ve definitely been through a lot with her.

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For me this one is a better build, it’s like gorgosuchus in stats but has megalosaurus habilities and the heal

Its sad that gorgosuchus is way better than its super hybrid

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His kit is actually ok to me, he just need back his pre 2.0 health and speed. (4500hp and 115spd)

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I’m kinda partial to her current kit, after having adapted to it.
Her shield wouldn’t do much in this meta, if anything. Definite strike was nice, but also wouldn’t help all that much now that Indo2 is pretty much extinct.
I would definitely like ferocious to last more than 2 attacks though. Just add one more on there, it doesn’t even have to be another “full turn.”

Start from 0 | Megalosuchus | #3


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Rework may be made it op
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It isn’t really good either

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^^^ I like this line lol :ok_hand:t2:
You had me shaking my head “yes” for most of it… then I got to GTS. Ya kinda lost me there. No matter what her stats are, I don’t want a move on her that does no damage. With the way I use her, that move would basically never be pressed.

is focused so that his counterattack balances that “defense without damage”.
anyway it could do damage and keep the same (i.e shield and taunt) just no priority

I’m not great with stats and movesets. I’m actually kind of uneducated on how things work in this game :joy:
So I can’t really explain why I don’t think that’s a good approach for her.
But I can say that, from my personal experience, the shield wouldn’t really be all that beneficial in general.
Maybe if she had more bulk in Health or Armor, but I feel like that’d be a pretty drastic change. And I really don’t want her becoming like Dio or Grypo.

Nix the distraction res and it’s fine

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So sad for this creature one of the best designs but can’t even see it in areas

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I’ve been sitting here arguing with myself about the pros and cons of your build. Kinda doing a DBZ mental training thing.
I use her the way I do, and it’s the only way I know. It’s been basically the same through every change she’s undergone. Once I start thinking about that with your proposed build, it works.
Having the higher speed means I have 2-3 extra boosts for HP/ATK.


What have you done?
I feel like that’s just offering her up as sacrifice to the nerf-hammer lol.

Why I did not lower anything

He means it’s overpowered.


Basically bumped back his health and speed, gave him a better heal and group increase attack. He would be a great support/damage in raids and would be much better in arena. Is this build a little too op?
He can deal 2250 damage right off the bat and a shield breaking 2250 next turn. Maybe should keep the group ferocious strike?

I just think megalo would be just good with her old stats and group fierce Strike buffed. She just lost too much hp, speed and damage (because attack buff only for 2 attacks now) and get nothing back. It need to be said: she was far away from being op and just lost so much.

I think a shield wouldnt help much in this Meta… but: what the hell, where does this heal come from :see_no_evil:

Look at this compare… its getting even more worse if you look at the moves too :face_with_head_bandage:
(Need to be said: both have speed decrease immunity)

Maybe make megalo epic and gorgo legendary :scream: