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Megalosuchus or Giga for Draco counter?


I’m seeing a big influx of Draco Gen 2s in arena and it is making be consider putting something with pinning move on the team so Draco can’t sneak away to get a second swing. What you’re preference? Magalosuchus or Giga?


Lythronax FTW


Lol. I dumped all my lythronax into the hybrid…
I thought it through a bit and I am going to bet on a two turn lockdown on the DSR coming in the future.


Rajakylo could be an option too. Forgot he had a pining move, however I was stock piling all my ankylo for a potential Tryko…


If someone swaps in a Draco2 on a Megalosuchus, it’s probably to kill it… If not, you won’t need to pin, if your Meg survives and uses Ferocious Strike, you’ll probably kill Draco in the next attack, unless it’s level is too high.


It’s well countered by its hybrid. But its hybrid gets countered by everyone off the street.