Megalosuchus or gorgesuchous


My gorge is level 17, but I can level it to 18 right now…

Or should I make mega?

If I had the megasaurus DNA I’d get mega to level 17…

But what a better, mega 17 or gorge 17?
Seeing alot of conflicting views.

Personally I love gorge, when used in the right way

Which battles better: Gorgosuchus or Megalosuchus?

I have gorge sitting on lvl 15 but with enough DNA to get to 18 iam also unsure , I’ve been saving to make mega?


Stick with the megalo, it has more uses in the battle field. I prefer using this legendary a lot more. Don’t get me wrong gorgosuchus has been my boo since the beginning of the arenas, before it’s defense shattering. Take away the gorgosuchus speed, it’s a goner. The only strategy I use for the gorgo is ferocious strike at a low health dino then follow by defense shattering on the next dino, but that’s really it. Not up to tier with the other big boys.

All the gorgo pts are going straight to the megalosuchus. Now once I get back from vacation, and out of the boonies, I shall be hunting all the megalos till extinction :joy: Luckily I live in local zone 1.


That’s exactly how I use gorge… can turn 1-0 down to 2-1 up hella quick…


If I had space on my team gorgo would be there. I just think about the investment in the long run. Move sets and stats are constantly changing. One day a dino may be a queen, then a debuff can easily turn into a pawn piece. Completely up to you, everybody has somewhat of a style the way they play :grin:


I feel like you’ve been on vacation forever :joy: I want a vacation that long


@Heather it’s funny, now that you mention it. I’m actually at the airport waiting for my flight. Should’ve been home yesterday, but there was a mix up and the flight was overbooked with passengers. Went home and they booked me a flight for today. I’m here on time at the airport , a little earlier than the usual… only to find my flight has been delayed for another 3 hours. I’m literally just stuck at the airport loosing my mind with this elevator music :joy::joy:

Wifi is so poor here that arena battling takes forever to load up, and i’m getting match timed outs. Just not my day, and this doesn’t even come close to this whole week of drama lol. If you want to hear about it, i’ll message you.

Bright side I got a free $1,000 and $30 for a nice meal at the airport for my canceled flight, and my voucher can be used on any future flight. Been wanting to go to Europe, now I can go for free… More vacation time haha