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Megalosuchus? or not...?

Just debating on whether or not to invest… I’ve never been all that impressed (which is why gorgo got all the love) but still, I imagine used correctly and leveled way up it would be an asset.


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It’s not fun to be on the receiving end of a ferocious critical impact (and counter) I’ll say that much :grimacing:

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It’s the pretty vicious counter that is attractive…


It does pack a surprisingly big punch. I am not a fan of the actual design, but the moveset is solid.

It’s basically a tankier Gorgosuchus. It performs better against lightweight opponents, while losing out some of the tank busting capabilities. However, it is a lot more versatile, not just ferocious + cleansing / rampage then the 2nd skill that wasn’t used before. You can do a lot more “combos” with the Megalo.

Megalo can be good, but also, like Gorgo needs levels to survive long enough to make an impression. Mine is lvl 19 and yet again benched.

I had megla on my team for a long time and loved him once i learned how to really use him… he fell behind in levels because kapra goes to spinotah atm but i intend on bringing megla back up at somepoint even if its just to change my team up here and there

Megalosuchus is :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:


it’s never scared me at all. it’s got counter attack i guess, but no elite abilities in the current meta. doesn’t slow, distract, stun, shatter, bleed, run away, isn’t fast, not immune. just meh. literally never see it in aviary, probably for those reasons.

if your spinotasuchus is 30, i guess go for it, otherwise that’s where’d id put the kapro. might as well fuse that 700 gorgo into though.

Megalo is my baby. I’ll never take it off my team. It soloed the level 30 indominus strike tower a couple weeks ago. It’s amazing if you use it correctly.


For sure it’s best Indominus counter.

Personally wouldn’t bet on Spinota all in, cause they will likely once more adjust bleeding. From zero to hero and back to zero.

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And just like that, my mind goes straight to Disney’s Hercules movie :joy:

I have mine at level 23, which is around the average level of dinos I face in the arena (opponents range from 20-25ish, usually). Absolutely love swapping it in just as a low-health opponent is about to use a rampage and run-type move. It can tank the hit, and the counter-attack finishes off the opponent before it can run.

It can also throw up a shield and take a full hit from indom, and it can take an indo rampage as long as indo doesn’t crit. It can do quite a bit of damage to tanks now with its armor-piercing counter-attack. It’s got decent speed. It’s not any sort of specialist, but it’s a good all-rounder who can take some hits and waste your opponent’s strong moves/stuns.

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This will never be agreed upon. This guy causes all types of arguments. They did well with the Kapro tree you really have to pick wisely all have thier benifits.

I brought it up to 21, and figure I’ll drop a bit in the arena and use it and see if I want to keep up with it. I know some people love it and some don’t give it any credit. I’ve never had a problem defeating it, but I’ve never faced one over L26.

Halfway to a 29, no regrets :smiley:

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