Megalosuchus or Spinotasuchus?

So I’ve got about 3k Kapro (lvl10). Given the current meta, should I go for Megalosuchus, Spinotasuchus, or continue leveling Gorgosuchus?

I would recommend Spinotasuchus


I love my 25 Megalo and didn’t create spinota until recently when the SS changed. Worked to get it up to an 18 and am on the fence as well, sitting on 3500 kapro and not knowing what to do.

Dont waste on gorgo… he is not really that good anymore.

Ita better spent on Spinotasuchus, such a pretty beast… and playable once you create it… megla is actually pretty good in this meta but needs to be leveled to be good… spino is better out of the box and currently one of meta hubs Tyrant 7.

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Spine as things stand as it’s a bleeder .
But , and this is a worry , as legendaries go Megla is way underpowered , so it must get a boost next time round .
So do you risk putting it all in a bleeder that may get nerfed next time , or put it into what should be a better Dino next time ?
Gorgo isn’t worth it as it just gets nullified or slowed down every time so only gets one hit .

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As for ingredients, I’m not sure what is easier to create. Kapro is tough to get a ton of DNA for, but wonder if spinosaurus is any easier.

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Megla is currently an apex on metahubs tier list and is in no way under powered… dont count on him getting a buff… possible but not likely je is doing just fine right now.

there you should find your answer…

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What level is Mega effective? I’ve gone against 21 and wasnt that impressed TBH

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I’m with you on this one . If an opponent sends out a megla I’m glad as I always seem to beat it easily . I’d sooner have Gorgo than Megla as things are at the moment .

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Mine is around that and I love it. it’s great Against indoms and it’s great to slip in for a counter win when you’re opponent is nearly dead but they act first although having to split dna between that and the spino is a pain

That counter is strong. It needs to be at or above general team level and suffers if it’s not more than others. I do not love it at super high levels as the ceiling is creeping up and it was different when you could face a MegaloS 4 levels above you. It still does it’s job but the counters have grown.

OP, the answer is SpinotaS but your team around this dino means more than SpinotaS. It’s a super draw dino, bringing down opposing powerhouses when played well and letting the rest of your team and your powerhouses do work. If the rest of your team is lacking this dino cannot carry you. That’s not different from MegaloS really but SpinotaS does this better right now by a lot


My profile pic says it all :blush:

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What level Spinota is good enough for early Aviary when early Aviary isn’t as chaotic as it sounds like is right now. 19 would be the lowest level on the team.

So at the end of the debate (seems to happen every time the question of which to choose comes up) I sure hope some of what was mentioned helps in your decision. It is s tough choice, best wishes :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your input, everyone! I’m tempted to try for Megalo at this stage, particularly as I’d like to use the Utah DNA for Utasino instead of Spinoraptor.

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Meg is life.
Seriously, I love my Megalosuchus. Had a match today where I swapped in to take a Dilorach R&R, left her with 2000ish hp. She then got a L27 Stegodeus down to within Ferocious of my Tryo. Knockout on a Dilorach AND a trade with Stegodeus, THAT’s value.
It’s all about timing and scenario with Meg.

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Until the rest of your team is very strong MegaloS won’t work

This current meta makes spinotasuchus an absolute destroyer of anything that can’t cleanse/hit and run or is immune (regardless of opposing Dino lvl cause of how bleed works). That said though stacking op bleeds while running away so it’s possible to do it to another opposing Dino later is soo ridiculous that it’s probably high candidate for next nerf/buff wave. I don’t use mega as I don’t like relying on counter for doing damage as I like an offensive focused team(crits and massed DSrampage Dino’s) thus spinota fits my team great(bleed goes through defenses and lethal wound stacked with swoop does trex dsr amount of dmg with the new flyer hybrid being chosen to swap in it gets real extreme it’s possible to then lethal wound t3 with dimodocy and do 110 % bleed hp tick in a turn amazing to witness!!!)

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in this chart, spino is upper, megalo is under…the answer is clear!

if u want similar function like megalo, choose dioraja, or the cheaper choice: grypolyth (ranks behind dioraja)