Megalosuchus raid strategy

Is this a good plan don’t really know stats but… Worth trying

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Has anyone tried this?

there is a better for noobs way…
i think

the 4 pyro strat

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4 pyro? no way

@Pradyun_Gaddam came up with it
I havent tryed it but it could work
just alternate between HP and CS

Tried the OP strat and it doesn’t work

Yeah, basically it works because meg’s damage goes down to 0 each turn from distraction. We’ll try it today and let you know.

do it at 4 or 5?

I can do 5 today.

wait… MT?


Thee 4 pyro strat doesn’t work @anon28420136 @Pradyun_Gaddam
Its because the allos don’t get targeted by the second set of pounces because the damage has already been lowered. So the next turn a pyro will die due to megalo

huh does it kill the allo’s minions

but does it still work?

Ohhhh oof 101010

But it was worth a try.

Nope, we tried it lol