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Megalosuchus raid

Yee #8137
We will follow this strategy

I’ll be the Tragodistis. Reply with the username and dino you’ll be using and send me a friend request.

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Indo Gen 2, Username is Lymonaide, Sending you request now.

Accepted, If the other 2 people send me requests before tomorrow, I’ll inform you. If I don’t, no one else sent me requests.

Okay and there is always next week or future. No biggie, I just want to start raiding the bigger bosses.

Same. Besides, ill be hosting raids every weekday if i find any.

Awesome looking foreward to raiding with you.

Same,me too.

Soo My indo gen 2 needs to be health boosted. I have won with my Thyla before.

I see. (random words to fill the 10 character word limit)