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Megalosuchus vs Rajakylo Debate


Hi All,

Just got done reading the article by @Hersh over on Metahub. I personally have debated this question so many times and still do after making a choice. Today I am almost convinced to change my mind.

I decided to go wtih Rajakylo, because of Dioraja. I’ve unlocked Dio… and now I’m not impressed. I’ve reently leveled up my Megalosuchus to 21 and actually decided to swap it out for Dio. here is my rationa:

  1. Epic spawns are dismal and waiting for more anky or Raja in a special event is just torture (yes I know Raja is coming up).

  2. Dioraja just isnt as strong as one would hope he would be. Lots of shield breakers and bleeders in the meta have left it just another counter. I think losing it’s extended critical strike really hurt it’s ability to crush.

  3. Megalosuchus is so much easier to level and the components are shared by Spinotahsuchus, but they are much more prevalent, so really it evens out at the end of the day and you end up with 2 awesome dinos.

  4. Megalosuchus just does more damage while still having the survivability. Dio does have the instant invincibility, and do find it useful to get that last chomp out of a dino before dying, but it just isn’t enough damage.

love to hear what people have to say… and of course with buffs and nerfs coming down the pipe it probably wont matter for long, but hey, worth a conversation.



it all depends on what you want to invest in. it seems you have settled for megalo out of the two now the real question is do you really want to invest into megalo and lock up a spot on your team with it considering everything else that you can choose from. its not the best counter attacker. its not the best shielder. whats it best at?


Do you feel there are better counter attack dinos out there, or you feel like it is an unnecessary skill set for the arena?


Tryko and dioraja are good. Go for those. Be patient.


Thanks for the read and feedback @crstevens54!
I’ll add a link to the article here for anyone else who may be interested:

Megalosuchus vs Rajakylosaurus


its not unnecessary. some ppl swear by it. im just saying that there are lots of great dinos out there and more to come. tryko is the best counter attacker rn. i like giga. dioraj is good but can be underwhelming to some. tragodistis is a great counterattacker.


I’m at 70/250 for making dioraj… It looks so cool I need it even if it isn’t amazing.


Wooooo @Hersh you’re famous :hugs:


Wow Hersh!! You’ve became a writer on MetaHub? That’s great. Keep rocking man!


it was such a gift from the good lord above to bless him with such literary talent, after leaving him so bereft of looks…


Well done man!

Ludia should hire you as product manager!


Haha thanks guys!!
I’m Pretty excited :grin: I’ll be sure to have a lot more fun reads OTW for you all!

(If you have any requests, feel free to DM me too!)


Megalosuchus is currently the best counter attacker I’d say.

  • First of all it doesn’t need to rely on swap in like diorajasaur does, and dioraja’s health is very low.
  • Second, being faster means it can do a lot of damage to chompers because counter attackers barely survive past turn two, and going first means much more damage.
  • Third, although dioraja has defense shattering counter, we are facing tanks less and less in the current meta and armor piercing counter can deal with most of the situations, and more importantly, if opponent draws a tank, you are more likely to use a bleeder or a chomper to finish it off instead of stalling it with diorajasaur.
  • Finally, counter attackers actually doesn’t perform well against meta relevant swappers like green chicken and utarinex (except when the swapper has low health and decides to swap out, you swap in a counter attacker to finish it off, but this is rare because rinex and green chicken usually still have a lot of health left on the swap due to distracting and stun), distracting and stunning from green chicken and utarinex not only limits your damage, but kills you directly. At least meglosuchus in this case can do some damage against them instead of just dying.

Of course, counter attacker as a whole sucks in the current meta, you are completely fine without running them on your team.


My short and humble response is only that I love my 28 megalo. Wish I could have found 6 more megs to know I darted 30 in two nights :smiley: wasn’t able to get out Wednesday…
Must add great read @Hersh! Congrats and good job!


The best counter atack dino is purrolyth if that poor dino get a hp and speed buff( i really hope he will receive a buff), he will rock.
He is the only counter atack dino with very good atack stats,in general they are weak its a shame they are my favourite dinos


Was going to post a comment on the webpage of the article.

But post it here.

I agree with the comment on the article on metahub.

After reading the great text I feelt alone in the end. I wanted to know what dino was the chooise.


lol i think thats the point. it happens to all of us, in every other choice like, what to do with sino dna, etc


hmmm interesting. i dont have either but how is it a better counterattacker then tryko??

even after ferocious strike it only has 1500 base dmg compared to trykos 1600.


Fantastic Article, Hersh. Pretty much exactly what needed to be said about these two.


I consider those that do a full counter counter attackers. Of course, if all creatures with counter attack are considered, then tryko is best. But I’d consider tryko’s main role is still tanking and tank busting. For creatures without a full counter, their main damage come from their attacks, not passive ability.