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Megalosuchus VS Tryostronix (JWA Battles #15)

Ok… I made these unscheduled. Hopefully eventually I get back on track, but for now, welcome back to JWA Battles, we play the game by determining the sizes, speed, and power of JWA’s hybrids. Eventually, I’ll be lazy with this part.

Last time, in a rather even battle, Grypolyth drowned and crushed Sarcorixis in an entirely different type of battle.

This time, we have the superhybrid rematch of the originally one sided battle of Gorgosuchus VS Postimetrodon, Megalosuchus, the superhybrid who for some reason loses to its previous state, and Tryostronix, everyone’s Ex-Favorite self-buffing speedy chomper. Without further ado, besides this sentence, let’s get this battle started!

Height: 7 Ft
Length: 19 Ft
Weight: 2 Tons
Bite Force: 3 Tons (Mostly from its Tyrannosaurid Anchestry)
Speed: 15 MPH
Weapons: Teeth, Claws, Pouncing
Advantages: Stronger bite, more durable, technically the better fighter.
Disadvantages: Not as good at defense disabling, slower, physically weaker.
Megalosuchus is a hybrid of the famous from JWA and JWTG Gorgosuchus and the Megalosaurus, so I wonder how powerful this thing would be in JWTG anyway? In its description, compared to the panther Gorgosuchus, it is compared to a Siberian Tiger in razor wire, yet loses to its hybrid some some odd reason. But I’m more than sure IRL, megalosuchus would win. Its bite force is just as powerful, but it gains even more weight and durability at the sacrifice of speed. Its claws and teeth piled onto something fast in its own right makes for a deadly foe. However, it isn’t the fastest of creatures its size and not the brightest either, just midway there. Overall, megalosuchus is very powerful, but not one of the smartest or fastest of creatures its size.

Height: 9 Ft
Length: 23 Ft
Weight: 1 Ton
Bite Force: 1,000 Pounds
Weapons: Teeth, Claws, Surprisingly Good At Defense Disabling (According to In-Game Description)
Advantages: Faster, physically stronger, good defense disabler.
Disadvantages: Weaker bite force, slightly lighter and less durable, not able to jump.
Tryostronix is a hybrid of the last epic you wanted to see pre-2.0, Baryonyx, and Postimetrodon. It is very fast, but only average for strength. Being a small-sized spinosaurid, this means it doesn’t fight well on land but excels in water, and is quite possibly smart enough to lead its opponents into water whenever the chance is granted. On land, it is quite fast for its size, and is on the middle end of power. However, most other creatures its size outclass it on land, despite being called an expert at disabling defenses… Overall, Tryostronix may be strong in its own right, but it is outclassed in fighting experience by most creatures its size.

Megalosuchus stalks the forest looking for a new prey item. The camera then cuts to Tryostronix killing off a young Dunkleosaurus and returning to land. It brings out the carcass, ready to eat, but Megalo roars, letting Tryo know he wants a piece. Tryo roars back, not wanting to share. Megalo decides if that’s the way its gonna be, he’ll have to take the food. He leaps at Tryo, in an attempt to swpe the spinosaur, who ducks and his opponent lands into a tree. Megalo gets back up, and leaps back at its foe. Tryo this time swipes Megalo, and counters in the exact style as in-game. Tryo, taking a lot of damage, jumps into the water. Megalo looks down and assumes it is safe, and proceeds to try to take a bite. Right on cue, Tryo leaps out and swipes Megalo, who leaps at its opponent again, who dodges yet again. Tryo then grabs and crushes Megalo’s back, breaking his spine. Megalo breaks free and bites Tryo’s leg, crushing and breaking it. With both creatures Immobilized, They both rush at each other for a final slash. Megalo coughs blood while Tryo breathes with a bloodied chest. Megalo didn’t even take time to look when Tryo grabbed him again, this time in half. Tryo, with the battle finally over, decides to enjoy his meal, only to find it had rottened, killing his appetite.

At last, Tryo gets revenge for its father. And this battle was definitely closer than the hybrid battle. But let’s get into detail. Megalosuchus and Tryostronix are pretty evenly matched, unlike their parents where that is completely one sided in Gorgo’s favor. However, Tryo wins thanks to its speed and PHYSICAL strength. Megalo may have the advantage in bite force, but its pounce isn’t a raptor’s and would miss more times than not, and the times it does land wouldn’t be enough to take out Tryo. You might think, shouldn’t Tryo lose due to an inferior bite force and Tyrannosaur>Spinosaur. To you I say, this isn’t a typical version of that debate. If megalo took on its tyrannosaur and theropod’s parent’s appearance, yes. You could argue that a couple bites would be enough to finish Tryo, but Megalo couldn’t get in “a couple bites” for many reasons. One, it was physically weaker. Two, it was slower. Three, it wasn’t durable enough to even pull that off. You see, while Megalosuchus does indeed have its fair chance, it doesn’t quite stack up to the speed and strength of Tryostronix, making the winner, well, Tryostronix.


Next Time: A Battle Royale Between Hybrid Pterosaurs…

Double Pterosaur Hybrid Battle Royale


Place your bets now… not spoiling the winner. I’ll get back on it soon and be done within two or 3 hours.

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id say megalosuchus would win, it stability on its side

Tryos, he’s bigger and can probably bite a lot harder considering ingredients. They’re right by water, so if Meg misses, its instant death, especially cuz megalo is slow too. Tryos also is known for disabling defenses, so that means thick skin and armor won’t help here

technically megalomaniac would have a larger bite because of tyrannosaur dna coming from Gorgosaurus, and tryo would have a weaker bite because tryo’s parents all have a pretty small bite force compared to everything else.

Alrighty, finished. Not sure if this’ll end up like Grypolyth and Tyrannolophosaur’s victories, but I think my reasoning was okay in the analysis.

your reasoning does make sense.


True but it wasn’t that strong; gorgo was the speedster of the tyrannosaur family being much smaller and lighter than its bigger more muscular cousins

it’s great! When does the next one depart? as a request put Smiloenmys to fight against Mammolania.

shield shock! :rhinoceros:vs :tiger:

answer back please :smiley:

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That sounds more one sided into Lania’s favor ngl

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or you could do 3 smilo’s vrs one lania.

the smilodons hunted in herds, I love that you corrected me. 3 nemys against a lania sounds more balanced and more scientifically correct. Thank you!

@SonicNTGD could you do a battle with 3 nemys against a lania? it would make me very happy :smiley:

:tiger: :tiger: :tiger: vs :rhinoceros:

Yeah, I think it could work

Wouldn’t smilo vs thyla make more sense?

No, Thyla also had its battle and I don’t do repeat guests that often, except I’m not at that point yet

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Or maybe Daryx versus Koolab? :thinking:

True but it be much fairer/interesting

I dunno… it’s just they have no true connections, one is a marsupial with spinosaur DNA and the other one is a cat, turtle, dino thing and it would technically be a weird one

But there more around the same size, have the same animation. It’s basically offense vs defense. Thyla being the power jaws, scaly, muscular offense cat. Then you got nemys weaker jaws and teeth, but is more armored and more stable body.

I know, they just have no actual connections but that could be a battle for another time when I do repeat guests

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