Megalosuchus worth it?


Should I bother spending my time and coin trying to get the Mega? Or level up my gorgo? Or not even bother with either? I made the mistake of leveling everything early in the game so coins are precious and I want to spend them wisely. And suggestions on team changes as well?


I think you should pick one or the other to work on. At high levels both have advantages in different situations. I stuck with my gorgo (lvl 25) and it’s great for breaking shields, foiling invincibility, and the new cleanse move is great. I usually beat a similarly leveled megalo. On the other hand, the counter attack of the megalo is a big plus and people usually swap it in when the counter will take out another dino. Oh, and for the record, I do not have a megalosuchus, since megalosaurus spawns in a part of town I rarely get to. :confused:

Not a lot of help, but for ease of creation, I’d stick with gorgo.

I’d also get that paramoloch off the team, it’s pretty useless (in my experience).


Finally made my megalo recently it’s a completely different beast not too impressed on it’s stats on creation! I’m gonna start levelling my gorgo cause I love it’s explosiveness and keep working towards rajakly for a counter dino


Im planning on making and levelling mega. Having played against several, and having a rajaky, i feel like rajaky is a shield, and mega is a sword. Though both are counterattack dinos, they seem to be used differently. Mega is also faster.

So im going to experiment.


I’m going to try to dart as many Megalosaurus as I can this week and level up my Megalosuchu for science. All that Gorgosaurus dna that’s piling up will finally come in handy :laughing:

In my experience I find them with different use. I don’t have Gorgosuchu or Megalosuchu on my team right now, but I’ve heard good reviews of both


That shield & sword comment is perfect :ok_hand:t2:


I stopped at 15 on Gorgosuchus to work on my Megalosuchus, now L25. I LOVE my Megalo :revolving_hearts:


Collect 30 megalosaurus if possible during this event and create megalosuchus. She is amazing as it is and is more likely to get buff rather than nerf.


Completely agree…she’s truly underrated at the moment as a potential team dino, especially as she gets a few levels under her after being created. Here’s to hoping she gets a buff…especially in the way of changing Critical Impact to Defense Shattering Rampage!

If you live in an area where you can easily pick up Gorgosaurus as well as Kaprosuchus consistently, I’d lean towards saying level them both up. They are different enough to be useful in two very different sets of situations, but I know that is a heck of a lot of DNA as well.


this same question has been my dilemma. I’ve had gorgo for a while and she’s cool, but I was able to unlock megalo today. Tried her out and she was decent. Issue is…it’s hard enough for me to find kaprosuchus dna for the gorgo, let alone to find kaprosuchus AND meglo dna for megalosuchus. If it wasn’t for this event I probably wouldnt have megalosuchus for a while still. I think I’m gonna max out darting megalo dna to save and for the time being just keep leveling my gorgo until megalosuchus gets a buff


I would say that’s a solid plan. Megalosuchus isn’t horribly great when she’s first made, but get a few levels under her and she really starts to shine…as long as she’s played appropriately!


I like her counter-strike quite a lot. She isn’t someone that you can count on for base damage output or speed but if used effectively can be a real asset. For a legendary she is a bit under-performing right now but the good news is that means she will probably get a similar treatment as Allosinosaurus later with a decent buff.


I wouldn’t waste coin waiting for future buff. I’m still gonna ignore my mega and work towards rajaky because of battle experience facing them. Megalo gets stumped by everyone’s stegod while rajak can laugh at one! meta depicts what gets powered on my team


Also rajak can counter indom where mega just dies without chance of taking Indom down at all


Since my boo has been mentioned. With megalo, she is the perfect counter for indom. Even with cloak and rampage, Indom barely takes any health away with shield. You essentially get to hit indom 3x. Ferocious strike > shield> takes a slap free counter> critical impact. Indom is buried in the grass by then. Unless rng/crits.

Cons, megalo is not the best dino to use against tanks like tragodistis. Every time I go against one, Im literally like just kill me now, no more delayed stuns and invincibility please. A lower level stegodeus is very doable, but the strategy that I use is if I don’t have any strong dino munchers, then I’d toss megalo and wound stegod until my next faster dino can take it out in a hit. Killed numerous dinos with one hit and a counter. Just depends on your style of play.

She can very well one shot dinos too :smile:


Have had this match-up alot recently. With Indom just attack till they pop shield(usually just after ap impact turn 1) cloak and rinse mega! rajaky has two shield(long defence-double shield of mega and instant invul) so Indom can not use the opponents shield cool down to make a decisive cloak hit against rajaky but can against megalo. I’m not saying mega is bad I just feel the nieche counter type of Dino is dominated in legendary tier by rajaky which also gets a unique so more solid investment in the long run


Oh no I couldnt agree more. If it came down to just having one or the other counter, It would be a better investment to go the unique route. Especially depending on your available resources, kapros/ megalos may be rarer for some to come by etc. In my fair shares of battles against Raj, Id say they are pretty fair in comparison. Had matches where the game could go either way, depending on how well rng favors you.


Once I finally get my anky up to a 15 then rajak is my next goal. I plan on using all of my tries on him this weekend. I’m still collecting as much mega as possible just in case since I can use all 30 tries. I’m hovering around 3400 trophies in Sorna and haven’t gotten anywhere in a while so I know Indo is my next big move, but that is going to take a while.


Oh wow lvl 24! I’m amazing at how all you guys gather so much dna. I don’t live in a rural area but by no means big city. I struggle finding what I need :cry:


I’m in the same boat! I also don’t have alot of time top actively hunt. I rely alot on hunting as a passenger and I don’t get out much at night because I have small kids and can’t leave the house haha