Is it worth it? 200 DNA points of megalosaurus and 50 points of epic hybrid which uses 2 rare dinos. Both of them 50 DNA points each.

The counter passive and shield is tempting


I haven’t been able to use it because I don’t have enough Megalosaurus DNA to get it high enough for battles, but my gf uses it and does pretty well with it. It’s a cool dino if it’s high enough level to compete with whatever you’re fighting against. When people bring it in against me, it won’t survive more than 2 attacks if it’s not at a decent level.


How fast is the dino? Is it often the first to attack?


Those are the stats. Mine’s a level 17 so the damage and health are one level higher than what it starts at when you create it.


It’s fantastic. Megalosaurus dna is worthless anyway and gorgo is only good in the lower arenas. Go for it!


The 115 speed isn’t the fastest… but if you combine it’s passive attack and the ability to do some serious damage with its other attack…


Its good! Just like any dino, it doesnt work against all others, but the counter attack is a beaut and if used right and at the right time, you’ll love it


How is it compared to rajakylosaurus?


@Syg I don’t have raja yet, but I always manage to kill them off, they haven’t been very useful in the times ive fought them… I think megalo is a bit more attack oriented while rajak is more defensive… gotta know how to use both and hope the opponet doesnt have any defense shattering moves lol


Gorgosuchus only useful in lower arenas? I use it above 4000 trophies and I like it soo much.


Rajakylosaurus is better i think


Raja is slower and in terms of the attack I feel that mego can do more damage… Sure Raja has got instant invincibility but in my view not all that. Mine is level 20 and in arena 8 and the top end not very good…

Oh and you need alot of patience with him… Not ideal when you only have 3 mins to play a game :smiley:


Yes but he is far more tank, have 4 turn shield, instant invincibility and can but crit too, i have nightmares when i face a leveled one and havent any breaking shield dino in my setup, meanwhile have no problems whit megalosuchus. 115 speed is slower than most of the top dinos anyway so he must deal most of time whit receive first attack whitout shield, raja too, but he take much less dmg


Raja is better than mega, but they have different jobs to do. Mega is fantastic for switching in when a counter will kill the opponent, it also beats Indominus even after switching in if you SD.

Gorgosuchus is good but needs a turn to set up and is beaten bad by superiority strike.