Megalotops Raid

I wasn’t too thrilled to see we have three rounds on this epic raid. This was definitely made to be a bit tougher.

I won on the first try with this team although Suchotator died in the last round. This team was 2 and 3 turns per round. I always look for the fastest way to do these. It ended up 7 turns.

I tried a couple other teams with fail and after observation and study came to this one that won without deaths. This team was a solid 3 turn per round all the way through for 9 turns.

I found the need for having shields up all the way through in order for a healer to keep up with damage recovery. So my trick was to use group shields alternately between Ankylodicurus and Doedicurus to keep damage down. Then alternate vulnerability attacks between the two. Both these guys can remove the camouflage off Megalotops when it uses it. The irritator helps to increase damage more and move the raid along a little faster.
You can use 2 Ankylodicurus or 2 Doedicurus.

Share what you used and worked well for this raid. I may try it next week if this one is in range.

take your pick they all work :stuck_out_tongue:


I tried both of these and they do work. :grin:

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he oriondestiny i love to help you in raids even legendary raids