Meganeura concept

I think adding creatures from the carboniferous peroid (for example meganeura, arthopleura) to this game would be pretty interesting!
That’s why I made this concept art of Meganeura. I think it should have an unique hybrid. Can you inagine a dinosaur with a dragonfly head?
What do you think?


At first I was unsure but since I want to see Eurypterids and Camaroceros added to the game, having Meganeura, Megarachne and Arthropleura added to the game would be kinda cool.

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It looks so cute!

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Get the bug spray…

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I’m totally agree to have some bugs like Meganaura, Arthropleura and my favorite Eurypterid :star_struck:

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2,500 Hp
1,600 Dmg
131 speed
30 cric
0 armor

Evasive Impact
Distracting Swoop

Evasive counter
Swap in dodge
Immune to swap prevention and deceleration


I actually like it! Mammals can go find another game, but titanoboas, crocodiles, fliers (still dinosaurs if you ask me), and Dimetrodons (also still dinosaurs) are all cool to me. I wouldn’t mind bugs either, though it kinda surprises me to say it