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Megarchelon is now available and he’s very strong.Good luck to everybody , who needs to unlock Archelon via tournament this friday :wink::slight_smile:


Love the look of this creature! Anyone else a touch disappointed that the attack stat isn’t over 3,000 though?!

I am disappointed it is another Surface creature. Now in the Aquatic section there are two tournament Hybrids but they are both Surface creating a further imbalance at the top since there are no ref for cave creatures to match these two.

The look is very cool but Ludia should strive for options at the top of a group of creatures that can mitigate balancing problems not further exacerbate the issue.


You’re right , Megarchelon should be reef

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Fair point, appearance wise they are both more Surface than Reef or Cave I suppose but as you say, Ludia need to introduce strong Reef and Cave hybrids for balance.

Anything with a Megalodon should have a HUGE bite though…


For aquatic VIP dinos, things also seem to be skewed toward surface. The hainosairus and tylosaurus are relatively readily available, whereas for reefs, it’s henodus most of the time. Caves, mostly orthocanthus, but lately, I’ve picked up one or two Giant Orthicones.
I’m much more at ease leveling up legendary hybrids than super rare, just in case Ludia decides to thrown in another restricted tourney sometime down the road.


Jurassic…too many carnivores.
Cenezoic…to many snow.
Aquatic…to many surface.

There seems to be some kind of pattern behind it.


I actually got more caverns than snows in Cenozoic.
When there’re 3 dino classes, I think it’s ok to be strong in 2 classes.
I’m relatively weaker in savannah and caves, but get by ok in battles.

It’s not just Henodus most of the time, it’s the only VIP reef… while there are two each of the surface and cave. So an obvious imbalance. I always seem to be short on reefs, across my entire lineup.

Still it’s a very cool looking new hybrid. I just wish the game would let us level these up and enjoying how cool the final evolutions often look without punishing us as result.


This general point about punishing advancement is absolutely right - I understand what they’re doing, and the balance is tricky to strike. Going back a year or two the weekly tournaments were no challenge at all and so not very interesting - but the pendulum has swung back the other way a bit too hard, in my opinion. Balance and challenge is fine, but either adjust the balance or enhance the rewards to make it worthwhile…


There is another …

Rhomaleosaurus isn’t in the 10k packs, so if you go for regular 10k VIP packs you’ll get an unbalanced Aquatics fleet.


I’ve only gotten q0k packs. Good enough, I think.

@DinoStan Good enough for sure because of the overall quantity, but the ratio is way more Surface and Cave over Reef.

BTW you never receive Giant Orthocone?

I don’t disagree, there’re more surfaces, but effectively, for battle purposes, I don’t feel handicapped much, except perhaps when opponents are overwhelmingly reefs. Here’s the next few rows of my top aquatics. Giant Orthicone, I could create a 30, but still postulating if I’m better off having 2x 20s.

One positive about surface-heavy VIP aquatics is that I don’t need to obsess about getting those 2 legendary hybrids. Sure they’re more powerful and all, but I don’t need those to make it thru events and tourneys.

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I stand corrected, but in my time playing, I’ve never yet run across this one, if it’s in the lottery, it’s one of the very few I’ve never gotten, and I’ve never see it in any of the loyalty packs or in the trade harbor, as I have with some of the other super rare ones.

And yes, I feel the same about the surface hybrids, little reason to shoot for getting them, particularly as extremely expensive as aquatics always are… and at least for me, how often they seem to come up in the 10K packs (in recent months I can’t seem to get anything BUT aquatics). So I personally never buy anything other than reefs.

I’ve gotten two of them, so I didn’t buy it outright. I feel certain I won them from the Diamond Prize Wheel

I’ll definitely check when I unlock it in a day or two on the lottery to see if it’s in there. The chance of getting it must be really low if it is, since again, I’ve gotten pretty much everything else at this point at least once.

I definitely didn’t buy mine either. 10k pack content does change every once in a while, does it not? Either from one of those packs or the diamond wheel, I forgot. Was there ever a VIP-only tourney with that prize? Trade harbor, I only did a handful of 11k dB for VIP dino, don’t recall this rhomeo being one of them.

On second thought, maybe I bought one with Loyalty Points and then won the other as a Diamond Prize or found it in the Trade Harbor