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I doubt I got one off the trade harbor coz I’ve always had a bunch of henoduses, so hardly lacked reefs. But then again, I could have bought into one of those “not available in 10k pack” messages and got one. Regardless, water under the bridge (kinda). :pleading_face:

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Is the next tourney Aquatic only. Because if it is, I dunno if it is worth my while

I don’t think we know yet… even though the unlock is aquatic, that doesn’t mean the tournament is. But don’t give up yet regardless. In my experience, the level of dinos you need for aquatic (and ceno) tournaments to reach Dominator is MUCH less than Jurassics. Everyone is kind of in the same boat in terms of not having nearly the same level and depth of creatures to use.


My aquatics are pretty trash, I will probably give it a go anyway, but I won’t do anywhere near as well

According to the Facebook schedule, which you can believe or not, the Archelon tournament is Jurassic. I have seen nothing about Rules or Mods.

Speaking of Archelon tournaments, does anyone have any data on the previous tournament (January-February 2019). The first tournament we started tracking was Amargasaurus in early March 2019. I can’t even remember if that was Jurassic/Cenozoic/Aquatic

Edit: I dug through the Facebook posts. The previous tournament was Aquatic and ran January 11-14

It is part of the Diamond award on the lottery:
As a reward by itself

Or inside the pack if you land on it:


The title of the tournament is “Shake the Earth” which typically means Jurassic.

I don’t think that many of you agree but I would like to see more aquatic and cenezoic tournaments.
I put a lot of effort into building up decent lineups in those and think that it should be at least an aquatic tournament if an aquatic is the main reward.


My cenozoics and aquatics aren’t very strong but you’re right. I would also like to see more aqua or cenozoics+land tournament.
I’m not playing the tournament because it’s a 4 day tournament and I haven’t Archelon yet , so it’s too expensive for me to do a Lvl.40 Megalodon and a Lvl.40 Archelon.
(At the moment my DNA is low because I spent it on a lots of Therizinosaurus and Ceratosaurus to create Cerazinosaurus)
Are you going to unlock Archelon via tournament?

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No, I already got it for a long time. I’ve been playing for so long that I was able to get this little beauty immediately after its release.

But nevertheless I will participate in the tournament an you should too. Just try how far you can get.


Yes I do my best
I’ll post a Screenshot from my position :wink:

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I’m counting on you.

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I noticed that my post ''bucks bucks bucks" got flagged because I used a Special word :open_mouth:
Now I edit the post and it’s back😧
Now I know for the future