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[MEGATHREAD] Suggestions and good idea's from active players - Improvements that make the game even more fun to play

Hello guys, hello Ludia,

Here are some proposals i have seen on the forum that are a very good idea and
really need implementation. (Will update it every few days)

1. When you select a dino on the map, you get the popup on what level you actually have it, and how much DNA you still need for it to evolve.
Is it possible to implement when we press the icon of the popup to redirect us to our dinosaur in the collection?
Make’s it easyer to see if we really want to collect DNA for it or not related to its skills…

2. In our collection, give us an option to select all the dino’s that we do not want to collect.
Or give us an option to choose something in a certain dino in our collection to select we are not interrested in it. And in this way hide it from the map, or give us a choice to give it a certain red color on the map (like epics are gold and rare are blue), so we know we do not want to collect any DNA from that dinosaur.

3. Let us sell Incubators that we have earned from the battles.
Some of us, including me love to battle… but dont see any use into it when all our bays are full and an incubator is running.
Battles will become even more active when we can sell the incubators for ingame coins.
15 min incubator: 200 coins
3 hours incubator: 2500 coins
8 hours incubator: 6400 coins
12 hours incubator: 10000 coins
24 hours incubator: 20000 coins
In this way it stays more active, we have the choice to open them or sell them or throw them away.

4. Name the dinosaurs,
Give us the option to rename the dino’s to a name of choice.
I’ve seen this suggestion a couple of time’s now.

5. Lure Dinosaurs to a place of choice.
It would be great to have something to lure dinosaurs to a specific location of choice.
What would be even better is that other players see it also…
We would obtain the lure by rewards battling PVP or buy them from your store.

6. Please a surender button on the PVP game’s.
Sometime’s it’s more than clear your going to face an overpowered player that is ranking up
and has to pass u…
You are standing there with your level 10 dinosaur, and the opponent is looking down on you
with his lvl 25+ dino.
These game’s are rarely to win, and here a surrender button would be good.
It would reduce stress to many players i think.

7. Max hybrid fuse button.
I have a level 20+ hybrid (einiasuchus), to get it upgraded i need to press ± 1750 times create.
Depending on the random dna you get ofcourse.
Please give us the option to use all available dna from the 2 dino’s to upgrade our hybrid.
Pressing a button for 15 minutes can be a pain in the ass :wink:

8. Darts capacity upgrade.
Would it be great to have the option to buy an extension for your darts?
Now you can carry 140 darts maximum, and only on incubator rewards, it seems you get 150/140 or something.
Give us the possiblity to buy with BP an extended backpack for our darts, so we can collect up to 200 or more.
This backpack has to be permanent.
Another option is to upgrade the darts capacity by leveling up. (Suggests us to upgrade more dinosaurs instead only
upgrading our main team)

9.Battle calculator adjustion.
For the players that did not knew yet, if you keep holding down the button of your
attack in PVP, the game calculate’s if you will be able to take down your opponent with the strike your holding down.
The only problem is, it does not calculate any shields or debuff (pounce) the opponent has used against u.
Please improve this calulcation, because now sometimes i forget it and the calculator shows me the opponent should die,
while it does not because of a shield or debuff by pounce.


Also… VIP could be able to run multiple incubators at once… not comparing to PoGo, but at the same time comparing it, kinda like how you can have 9 eggs hatching at once, which is far better that you need to walk then just simply waiting for hours on end… hehe


You are right, there are definitely a lot dinos out there, I do not want to collect any more DNA from.

Also another suggestion:
It would be very interesting and motivating to have in game statistics! (average DNA per shot, average DNA collected, percentage fights won, total DNA collected, total amount of shots) and then also highscores for every part… this would be a great additional function and could be easy to implement. And it would be highly motivating for all the players (like me) to get into highscores - because at the moment it is just impossible to battle the top 100 without paying a huge amount of money!


I completely agree with the first two ideas. Actually, I agree with all three, but it would never happen. It’s too much coin. Maybe a 20 - 250 - 640 - 1000 - 2000 coin gain would be more possible and still an improvement, since we can do as many battles as we want, it would be worth it to keep at it. Let’s hope they listen to you!

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@BlueScorpion mate… ive been ranked at around 30-40s and honestly it is not that satisfying lol and it is always updating and changing so it’s not a main part of the game imo… finding new dinos and creating new hybrids is just as fun! Hopefully Ludia listens to something we say and they add some more interesting events and such… that actually give better dna, and also ways to trade dna (sorta like candies in pogo lol)

Idk, just some thoughts :slight_smile: cheers


Lets hope they apply these little changes…
not that much work, and a big improvement.

3h incubator is the worst in my opinion. Maybe the posibility to throw away incubators would be another good improvement


Yes, but i prefer to sell them, instead of throwing them away :stuck_out_tongue:
At least you had some reward for winning the PVP battle.

Also, VIP should be able to open 2 incubators at the same time…
Now vip does not have that much advantage.

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Selling/removing would be to OP, the. You could keep doing it til you get 12/24h chest. But mulitple hybrid fuse at ones would be nice or naming Dinos

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Yes, but it does improve and reward active players…
I remember a 24h being very rare, 1/60 maybe 1/100.
So you need to sell and remove so many before getting it :slight_smile:

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Reward battling with a chance for a small amount of DNA of a dino you use (for example, the one that gives your winning strike) and/or subtract 5-15 minutes from the currently active incubator.


number 6, simple: they wont do it. this feature is a must add to alot of games but other games dont add it neither why? well cus its to op, if they add this people will complain about: BOOOO u must pay to remove your incubator! pay to win BOOO. second its to overpowerd, if i battle 10 times and i remove all my normal incubators ect then i would have 2 epic incubators in just 20 minutes…

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We can always ask, and see if they are extraordinary and special, not like the other games :wink:

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Ludia just confirmed the indomius cloak bug.
Its a bug, its not visually bugged, but really bugged.

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I think it’d be great if the Dino’s in our team that are active while winning a battle got extra dna or a boost of some sort. Bc my incubators rarely give me dna for a Dino I actually want dna for.


Also, I don’t believe we get experience for our battles that allow us to level up. Coins and incubators are great but I want more ways to level up than just evolving my Dino’s


We definitly need some kind of recycling system for dino dns which is of no use. There are some dinos out there which are of no use to players and it does not make fun to collect dna from them. One example being sarcosuchus: no hybrid and just bad in arena battles. It would be great to sell dns for coins for example.


I think one of the damage reducing attacks should be instant. That would be rad!

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You mean like Instant Cripple and Instant Invincibility?

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yeah, something like that, but also dealing damage

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