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Megistocurus best swap in , in the game?

Pretty dominant right, fully boosted its almost as hard hitting as cera but also goes through shield. Seems legit .

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I’m not saying its as good as cera, its obvious not, but the swap move itself might be the best

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It will only be a matter of time until everyone starts using it as a swap in kill creature.

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Won’t see many as Megisto is a short range spawn.

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Well let’s look at what upsets more players than anything else in the game…. I would suggest swap in moves so why not have a new one with a DSS?

Give it a 40% rend and a no escape ability on the opponent and you have the next legendary to give the players something to complain about!

Watch the unique have swap in dsr. I didnt expect to see swap in dss back tbh


Lol should we start a Nerf Megistocurus thread already. I have mine at lvl 20 but I am debating on investing more resources cause I see the swap in being complained about by the unique and apex owners saying it shouldn’t be doing that much damage it’s only legendary. Just like the nerf Mono and Sarco people.

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not sure tbh. still havent made it myself. (curse doedic dna)
could always test out the match ups in the battle sim in JWA toolbox

Has a speed reduction that gets rid of speed increase. If you timed the swap in with cera you could come in with a 2500 swap, use the speed reduction and then throw a 40% rend attack. Could fare pretty well

Yeah, Doggomadillo Gen 2 looks a bit horrifying due to that pretty good attack stat. Why it didn’t just have S-I Ferocity and more is beyond me, however.