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Megistotherium animation

It looks very weird while it runs away when im darting it, thats not the way an animal like that will run, it doesnt look realistic. Im saying this from my perspective.
Im sure that Ludia can make it better, i trust you: For example, rinoceros animation creatures (elasmotherium, brontotherium, etc), this animals does not galope in real life (like in the game, and also it makes it more difficult to dart). I dont know more examples yet.
Hope this post gets enough views.

Welcome to the Jurassic franchise where physics and natural things an all that are non-existent!
besides, there are so many creatures with inaccuracies rn, not just with dart moving animations, with darting take into example my relatives who shake and shimmy all over the place unlike irl sneks lol


ok, where to begin…
1: does it really matter? it doesnt HAVE to be realistic
2: you spelled rhinoceros and gallop wrong

Speaking of Megistotherium’s Animations, does anyone notice it just stands still when an opponent tries to swap instead of it howling like Andrewsarchus and Amphicyon?

It’s not a big deal though as long as the effect still happens, but I just wanted to point that out. :upside_down_face:

English is not my native language so, i might make some mistakes jeje

Thats shows no efford on making animations i guess, but does look kinda ridiculous megisto when it runs? Whit that animtion. I think it matters making good animations.

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I would agree megisto’s run is odd, but so are many many many other things in the game and in the franchise in general, ludia could have maybe put some more effort into it as I think its one of the slowest moving epics while darting and i wouldn’t expect that from a dog,. Like sneks being darted, how a t rex is slower than a tortoise, how rhinoceros gallop, how an apex therapod is slower than a tall long neck herbivore it hunts, etc.


I honestly don’t pay any attention to Megistotherium’s running animation when darting cause I get to focused on the Targets I hardly notice! :sweat_smile: