Megistotherium quick question

Well,let’s imagine.
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You play thor,after getting a decelerating impact + a resilient rampage,with low hp,you decide to swap out for megistotherium.

So,he come in,got his swap in ferocity( Buff 50%damage for the next 2 attacks) receive a simple resilient strike,the turn after,he kick the few hp left of stegodeus with fierce strike.

The opponent bring ardentismaxima.
Will megistotherium,on a critical rending takedown boosted by a swap in ferocity will ONE SHOOT ardentis?
Because if i understand well: 60 + (60/2)=90% damage without crit :meaning
90*1,25=112,5% Damage.
Will it works?

It doesn’t have rending takedown though (it should according to the patch notes)

A ferocious RT crit does over 100%, but this will rarely work


I think there is a mistake about it .Either,you are right,and it will be a simple Rending attack and it won’t be possible,either it won’t and it will be something incredible.

Yeah,considering the minimum requirement,it will be hard:But with 40% crit chance,i believe,if you can be set up,survive the first hit and spend all your speed boost on megistotherium,you can put the opponent in some serious trouble?

HP seems more necessary than speed on it, imo

No, because odds are, you won’t be able to pull this off. Either you die after an impact, or you use this thing correctly and do not swap it in

And considering doing a 15Sp /15hp boosts?maybe it can be viable?

I found a guy on YouTube who got this creature and unfortunately the release notes gave us the wrong information.

Megis can at most cause a 75% rend in the first round, but it cannot give 100% rend.

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How so? What was misinformed

In the release note he says that Megis has 60% rend which more the exchange could cause 100% but it cannot.

So 40 + 50% = 60 + Critical = 75% (cannot kill anyone with 1 hit with rend in the arena)

Oh so it just has reending strike instead of takedown?

Yes, exactly.

That’s sucks but with fierce and no escape I think that’s acceptable; they just need to nerf Andrew to fall more in line lol


Cause why is a rare better than an epic Idk? Cause Ludia I suppose


A great justification lol.


as @Ned confirmed that?
I find it strange something with a different kit expected.
The cases appear aswell for tupandactyidontknowtherestofthename new unique hybrid.

Like here is all I would do cause it seems all the dogs/hyenadons/thylacines are supposed to be the fast rend chompers

(Man it’s good to be back)

Marsupial lion- rare battle exclusive
Health: 4,000
Attack: 1,250
Speed: 125
Crit: 40%
Resistances: 100% speed decrease, 100% vulnerability


  • Prowl
  • Fierce impact
  • Rending takedown
  • medium-counter attack


Andrewsarchus: rare local spawn
Health: 4,200
Attack: 1,300
Speed: 118
Crit: 30%
Resistances: 100% speed decrease


  • Fierce strike
  • Ferocious strike
  • Rending takedown
    No- escape


Megistotherium: Epic wild spawn, short range
Health: 4,400
Attack: 1,400
Speed: 118
Crit: 40%
Resistances: 100% speed decrease, 100% crit reduction


  • Fierce strike
  • Ferocious impact
  • Rending attack
    No escape
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for player level 11…he has a lot of cash and coins😱

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If ya wonder why I changed some things is cause 1 marsupial lion is too good lol I mean any thing under 116 speed and that can’t distract us pretty much dead unless it’s Thor funny enough

And two I wanted them to be more fierce and not be able to handle distraction well

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