Meiolania hybrid!

I think meiolania needs some more hybrids instead of just super hybrids! I was thinking of a pyroraptor+meiolania hybrid. It will be like a feathered raptor with the spiky shell of the meiolania and slightly crawl like the meiolania

then we would need a meiolania gen 2
unless u use the nodopato effect
but i agree
meiolania needs new hybrids

Yeah, that’s why I made this post, and I barely play jurassic world alive so what is the nodopato effect?

nodopatosaurus has 3 hybrids
the limit is 2


What are its 3 hybrids?

Stegodeus, Nodopatotitan, and Gigaspikasaur. So far it’s the only creature in the game with 3 hybrids, but anything is possible :slight_smile:

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I don’t think it needs any more. Tuojiangosaurus is in exactly the same situation, being the third ingredient for two unique hybrids, and no one seems to think we need another hybrid to spend it’s DNA on. The only difference is that both of Tuojiangosaurus’ hybrids are actually useful. If they ever made Entelolania good, I don’t think we would be in need of something else to spend Meiolania DNA on.


But I like imagining them and I kind of want to see it. Plus my friend plays it alot and he like seeing new things added to the game

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It’s fine to imagine, and I definitely like seeing new creatures too. I just don’t see it actually happening for Meiolania.

Mammolania which is the turtles hybrid is very very useful :grin:

Honestly, meiolania does not need more hybrids; because it can’t and there are many more creatures that need a hybrid or a superhybrid

Affirming something, I don’t think it’s right, but I find you right.

Oh I definitely agree. Entelolania unfortunately isn’t. But in my Tuojiangosaurus example, both Diorajasaur and Tuoramoloch are very good (at least in raids for Tuoramoloch).


Both have their own utility, Tuo being arguably best raider while Dio is more shield spam, which works better in arena

Forget about Meolania,
alankylosaurus and ankylocodon are the creatures that really needs hybrid


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Meio g2 is very equal to G1, Lesser grup heal would be pretty good, but it’s your idea

meiorexima is quite useful and pretty


this better?

im trying to make it better than gen 1…

Where did Ludia say the limit is 2? lol

name one dinosaur other than nodopato that has 3 hybrids

just cause nodopato has 3 hybrids doesn’t mean the limit is 2 :wink: