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Meiolania not spawning correctly

This week is supposed to be meiolania hybrid pursuit, but after running 3 giga scents, no meios sapwned. It seems weird since I should be seeing a lot of them, so not sure if it’s just me or there’s something wrong with the pursuit


Unlucky perhaps. I’m getting spammed by them.

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Can confirm. All day hunting and met only 3 of them. Seems like badly designed hybrid pursuit this time. We probably have no dino for this hybrid pursuit right now unless they changed something within last hour.

I’ve seen 3 yesterday and hunted a ton. It should be meio pursuit according to the in game news tab. This is way less than the normal amount of rare creatures that pop up during a hybrid pursuit

@Ned Looks like I’m not the only one, could we get any info on this?

I’ve seen only two!

Same ,seen only one, usually i get Atleast 10-20 per day during persuits

Thank you Ludia for week without hybrid pursuit :ok_hand:

I’ve not seen a single one and yet before the hybrid chase i saw a few a day .

I’ve only seen the normal amount of Meiolania all week

It’s spawning fine for me, maybe just bad luck?

I’ve seen less during the hybrid pursuit then normal spawn. Good job

This hunt simply has not existed. I used to see 1 or 2 every day other weeks and this week I have only seen 2 in the whole week!

It has not existed.

It has been commented

But Ludia has not done anything about it, not even bother to comment that “there had been a problem”, “that they are very sorry” etc … just silence

As usual