Member of my alliance banned

Hi there!

A member of my alliance has been banned. She has talked to support several times trying to defend herself without results.

She has written to me just to help her (or try it at least). I have helped other members of my alliance (succesfully) with support issues before.

Why? Ludia has considered her a cheater and suspended her right to support.

She was pending to receive the exact reason of her ban and then support denied.

I’m quite sure there has been some kind of error or mistake. I have her support number and have permission to talk to you just to know what has happened. At least try to receive the exact reason of her ban and try to solve this situation.

Is there any possibility to find a solution for this?

Or at least any support member listen to me once?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Pirulass, I’m sorry to hear that one of your alliance members was banned. However, we won’t be able to discuss the details of another player’s account.

Ok, thanks anyway. You Can close the topic.