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Member recruiting

Hi , we are one of the top Alliance consist of 10 players in Arena 13 currently, with average players trophy above 5500. we have 2 shared lvl 20 sanctuary. Our members from all over the world and majority Asia. We share battle strategy, dna trade and held internal tournament, in our whatapp and discord group . Lots of fun here.
Our members are very friendly and active in donating dna to help lower rank members. All members will experience increase their dino level in very fast rate with our members support and sanctuary strategy.
We have few opening for new members now.
We invite active members to join us:-
Below are the basic requirement:-

  1. able to communicate in English
  2. join at least one of our group chat, whatapp or discord
  3. trophy above 5000
  4. complete daily FIP and incubator
  5. follow our sanctuaries rule as we joint with 7 other Alliances.
    Please message me if you interested to join us. Thanks