Members should receive more

Members should receive more than what we do?? Plus, the ones who spend a lot of money on this game should also receive extra benefits??? I’ve spent $100’s of dollars on this game?? Definitely look into rewarding the ones paying you all…


Apparently you’re not spending nearly enough to demand benefits. If you were you’d be invited to join the Amber Club… so you’ll have to throw more, much more in the game I’m afraid or no benefits for you… ever :wink:



Of course paying players should have something of an advantage. That’s a no brainer.

But if they are buying boosts, coins, incubators and are vip they surely are progressing quicker than they would otherwise be?

What other benefits could they get?

VIP should get a free gold incubator every month


Are you sure? You seem to be asking a lot of questions. Maybe do some research and get back to us.

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I cancelled my meme bees hip because it was honestly not worth it. Had it for almost a year and I still had to spend money to get benefits.