Membership fees


Why so expensive for membership?
120$ a year is crazy expensive.


Yeah, for not a lot of advantages?


What you get for is not expensive!

  • Exclusive Supply drop rewards
  • Exclusive Offers in Store.
  • Enhances Battieries (+33% Drone Range & +33% Drone Duration)
  • Epic Incubator (The value of €20.00)


For a family of 4 to play this is 40 a month. Lower the fee to 5 and you will get a lot more subscriptions. Or a month of vip is more than minimum wage here. We already have to pay for phone and data. 10 is just not affordable for a kids game for the average family.


You can see the “supply drop items” they are not much different than prize 1 or 2. Half the time the drops don’t work (tried twice same drop) nothing went to a different location it worked. Not even 6hrs of having the app it stopped loading.