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Men in black ar game impressions

So I missed this when it launched… but ive been playing it for a few days now and figured id throw up some early impressions.

This game is best summarized in if Jwa and ghostbuster had a child. Taking certain aspects from both games.

The good.

Spawns are plentiful alnost to a fault… my ability to snag some rares simply fron loading the game up was always kinda nice.

Your circle works just like it does in jwa currently can interact with anything inside it… aliens, cachea, or their version of strike towers.

Daily acents this game gives you a free “scent per day” some dails attract certain kinds of aliens…or just rarity. Todays was an epic its duration was 17 minutes and had 9 spawns… i got 4 epics 5 rares out of this item.

This game is very playable from the couch… so if your someone who cant get around much between the campaign and amount of spawns always within close distance this is a game you can progress without going out. Also this game may offer a better rural experience then jwa… its impressive how much stuff is on my map in the middle of nowhere.

The neutral

Combat in the game is 4v4 that plays more like a traditional jrpg then jwa… combat is way more slower paced and tactical. You can level up your aliens and with the right materials evolve them to unlock a new attack. Teams are 3 aliens and you… each alien has a class and you can change your class by switching gun which also changes your skills.

The catch mechanic in this game is you shoot a gun by tap on the screen while your reticle moves in and out of a target circle by yourself… time your tap right to inflict the most damage. Once an alien is down you get what is essentially dna from jwa that is based off your level… example 1 encounter with an epic yields 1 point it takes 5 points to level… i can only increase this one point by leveling it seems. There are many guns i havemt unlocked so its possible some of them could increase the points earned.

The bad

Their are only 37 aliens in the game right now… in two days playing without spending a penny i have unlocked 31… of those 31 there are a few skin varieties… like remolians which can be multiple dog species each counting as its own alien. This game needs more aliens yesterday.

Pvp is not in the game yet but comming soon along with a component that lets you customize your aliens for pvp which reads like a tagline for this games version of boosts and they have borrowed heavily from other aspects of jwa. Like a vip subscription, but to be fair their vip deal is 12.49 goves you range… an exclusive vip daily capsule (incubator), 50 gem (hard cash) each day you play, upgraded raritys on the daily free scents and 25 bonus energy.

Game is made by a Canadian company called Ludare and which doesnt seem related but is also close in name to Ludia… which is kinda scary.

Energy is like darts… and the struggle to not run out even surrounded by caches is real.

Its an intresting enough game ill be continuing to play it for now… but it wont be replacing jwa any time soon. And it needs some new aliens asap…

I didn’t even know there was a MIB ar game lol. Sounds interesting, might check it out later.