Mephits dying blast

Mephits are insanely difficult to battle. Even with 50% block on one might take out most of my team. Their ability shows their Explode ability should have range 1, but they deal damage to everyone within range 2. I’m not 100% sure but they feel to deal more damage to those closer to them. I wonder if they deal damage twice, once within range 1 and once within range 2, thus making those closer suffer more damage?

I’ve never been this stuck in an event – this is borderline impossible. It needed effort to let even one character remain alive to complete the previous part.

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Agree. Their damage is insane. It clearly states range 1 zone, and also when trying to push with Saarvins epic head they die before push, so that doesnt help.

Reduce the damage or the range…

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Can only agree … just impossible.

I believe mephit blast range has been now fixed.

It’s still very hard and requires very customised team and equipment, but possible. I’ve been using Pikel & Fari with immobilize items and Tom & Saar with row push. Also tried Cori’s misfortune but it doesn’t seem to prevent the blast.

Well the event is supposed to scale to your level so it’s not impossible but at level 17 I’m facing level 20 enemies… warlocks-75% attack debuff with paladins block for team plus tommus +ac epic sword the average dmg for them exploding is around 700 for me… don’t use any aoe attacks single target only that way you don’t get more than 1 explosion at a time. It takes forever but heal up get block and -atk up again then kill another…that’s the only way I have cleared any of it

Most useful thing I I have used is shev’s common hood. Unlike the other push attacks, it does the push first and then the damage.

Tell me how my best geared / leveled team couldn’t do anything against level 19-20 enemies but I walked through the last 4 stages with this group without a single death

I’m up to a good challenge, but challenges shouldn’t overwhelming. That pic looks quite different to what was posted in the announcement: